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    its about time everyone started thinking about gardens again. I was wondering how many of us would like to exchange seeds/bulbs this spring. Everyone needs to pick hardy plants ( annual or perrenial welcome), add advice on how to grow each, even magical uses and the seeds/bulbs to a envalope/box and exchange.
    Be sure to put the bulbs in a box not evalope, so the bulbs dont get damaged.

    Sign up ends Aug 26th.
    Exchange will take place between Sept 15-sept 25th ( so we can plant in time for before frost! Usually happens in early October around here!).

    Each person is limited to $20 worth the seeds/bulbs. Be generous. Lets all make a little corner of our gardens just for these.
    They are to be flowers.

    These could also be vines, small trees ect too.

    Sign up here and pm me your address and specifications.

    Everyone post pics next year when your gardens are in bloom, so everyone sees what beautiful seeds/bulbs you get.
    Nothing like beautiful gardens!

    Also, if you live abroad and want to partake, be sure to tell me where you can ship to.

    If you are shipping abroad check with your postal service as to what can and can not be shipped out of country as far as seeds go!

    I look forward to this exchange and seeing what beautiful gardens we all can grow!

    There is no age limit on this one, as long as I can verify that the member has parental/guardian consent I am ok. I think everyone should have a piece of earth, be it a bunch of potted plants to a small flower box in a house full of herbs or flowers.
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    I am hoping that by opening this up again, we can all pitch in and see what beautiful gardens we can inspire in eachother!
    Please PM me with your name, address and what kind of garden you have.
    Proud Mama of a spirited young man!


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      Thread closed.
      Proud Mama of a spirited young man!