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    Here's my info
    female, 31
    Colors: I love copper, orange, deep brown, and bronze, as well as peacock blue but my house is done in really bright primaries and secondaries, so really anything goes (except that I have an aversion to pink)
    Path: Eclectic Pagan with Finnish Shamanism
    Gods/Goddesses: I talk to many, but Juno is my patron
    Magical Likes: Very Earth and Water. I'm very much a kitchen witch. Tarot, astrology, love element oriented things
    Scents: I love sandlewood and amber as well as the deep resins and citrus smells-- bergemot, lavender, sage, coriander. I'm sensitive to fragrance oils and much prefer essential oils
    Bathtub: I live in it. I'm really not a land mammal
    Animals: I like bison and mammoths, cows (not the cute black and white kind)peacocks, and whales
    Allergies: topical allergy to canola oil (I can eat it, but I can't rub it on my skin)
    Useful facts: I collect gnomes and phoenixes, and am starting a mermaid collection for my new baby. My husband is a pagan too, and I'm very much out of the broomcloset.
    Stones: yes-- any, I get along with them all Love green agates, carnelian, and petrified wood especially
    Interests: I'm a costumer and make a lot of renaissance style clothing, I crochet, write, embroider and cross stitch, quilting, spinning (textiles in general.) My husband is getting me into jewelry making (He does decorative wirework and chainmail)
    I really love handmade things, as much for the energy put into their manufacture as the items themselves, so I'm sure I'd love anything

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      Here's mine...

      Gender: Female
      Fave Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, yellow, white.
      Path: Kitchenwitch!
      Magickal Likes: Candles, faeries, pendulums, dragons (not chinese) Imps, elves, goblins, butterflys, window hangings, charm bags and anything of the like...
      Shipping: *throws her arms wide and says* Anywhere
      More Useful Facts: I don't have a bath and am allergic to most soaps. I have a young son that is also hightly allergic to anything with perfume or soaps in it and as i bath him (he's 3 months old!) i can't have anything like that on me. Incences are fine as long as they aren't strong smelling.

      Hope this helps :floating:
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        Gender: Female

        Favorite Colors: Anything really... Purple... Peacock green... Royal blue

        Path: Eclectic Kitchen Witch

        God/Goddesses: Odin and Bridget

        Likes: Anthing celestial, Faeries, oils, Tarot, Unicorns, Dragons, Celtic designs, Holiday themed crafts, Stones and Crystals

        Shipping: Canada if possible.... if not no farther that US ... can not afford International

        Favorite scents: Lemon, Citrus, Vanilla, Strawberry, Apple

        Allergies : Smoke, so all incense is out and Lactose so home-made chocolate is out.
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          Here's my info:

          Age: 22
          Gender: Female
          Path: Casual eclectic
          Favorite colors: Anything but pink!
          Likes: All kinds of paper, stones, anything nature themed, dragonflies, candles, anything that could be used in a scrapbook.
          Favorite scents: Sandalwood in particular, anything else, except absolutely no vanilla of any sort.
          Shipping: US preferred, but can ship anywhere.

          Did I miss anything?


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            I'm a new member and not sure if I need to sign up somewhere or if I just need to post my info here. Soooo, goes!

            Age: 24
            Gender: Female
            Fav. Color: greens, blue, black...any earth tones
            Fav. animal: Frogs, toads, dogs, fish
            Fantasy Creatures: trolls, gnomes, elves, fairies, angels (not the cutesy country elves but the angelic spiritual type)
            I'm not hard to please. I like incense, candles, homemade soaps, lotions, bath salts... It all works for me. I just got interested in cross stitching and sewing, but love to paint figurines, make beaded necklaces, and all sorts of things!
            Dieties: I'm in love with Artemis and Pan, both have a lot of power and connection in my life. I love the image of the Greenman too.
            Path: I'm very wiccan and follow most of the wiccan path. Some celtic influence. (love celtic knotwork!!!!)

            Ok, I think that's about it. I don't mind shipping internationally, I don't mind paying a few extra dollars to get something special to someone special !!!
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              Heres me..

              Name: Sarah Johnson
              Age : 19
              Path: Eclectic witch. I mainly follow the norse and celtic pantheons at the mo however faery is rearing its head in my life a lot now too.
              Favourite colours: Purple,deep rich red, black, silver, white, green( not bright green but natural shades), blue, ....Anything really but nothing really garish or flourescent. Just natural.
              Gods/Goddesses: Frigga, the horned one( Cernunnos), Brigid and the Morrigan are really starting to interest me at the moment.
              Elements: Fire and water, mainly water. I'm a very emotional soul.
              Scents: Nag champa, jasmine, lavender, pine, rose, anything that isn't to spicy( cinnamon stuff like that) I like flowery, clean or woody scents really.
              Stones: Any really but my especial favourites are ametrine, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, chalcedony, and tigers eye.
              Likes: Candles, insence, oils, faerys, dragons, mermaids, pixies, pegasus(winged horses), unicorns, tarot, oracles, chinese culture and art, anime, celtic art, bath products, food items( anything really), dragons, all sorts really as long as it is made with love and care.
              Broomcloset: Most definetly out So no problems there
              Shipping: anywhere but England is where i'm located so it would be much cheaper for me to send to England but will do international if needs be.

              What i do: I do drawings. Mainly of anime style females and animals. I also bake.
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                Things to know about me.

                Age : 21
                Path: Confused at the moment. Christian roots, Celtic soul, unknown future?
                Favourite colours: Purple,deep rich red, black, bottle green, golds and rusts, anything but pink!
                Elements: Water, and earth with a little fire to keep me warm.
                Scents: Patchouli, jasmine, pine, Ylag ylang
                Stones: Amethyst, Opal, Moonstone, malachite, jade
                Likes: Candles, insence, oils, dragons, pixies, unicorns, Woodland type stuff, Wizards
                Broomcloset: indefinite, broaching my evolution as and when it occurs. But No pentangles please... not really my thing.
                Shipping: I'll ship anywhere.

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                  me me me it is all about me!

                  Gender: female somewhere just this side of 50 but not for long
                  married, no kids

                  Colors: greens, and copper

                  Path: eclectic sort of a green kitchen witch

                  Magical Likes: herbs
                  I work with a lot of oils and incense

                  Favorites: cats and dragons especially green dragons

                  Element: earth

                  Hobbies: woodworking, soap making, weaving

                  Shipping: will ship most anywhere

                  I appreciate handmade items and will love most anything you want to send
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                    Here's my stats -
                    Age: 20
                    Fave Colors: Purple, Silver, White
                    Path: Eclectic Wiccan with a love for anything Celtic - mainly Welsh
                    God/Goddesses: Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwen and The Morrigan
                    Likes: Anything Celtic, Crystals, Pegasus, Arthurian Legends, Candles, Faeries, Butterflies, Besoms (you know brooms)
                    Element: Air and Fire
                    Shipping: I would prefer to ship within Australia to keep costs down.
                    More Useful Facts: Perferably no edible crafts. Thanks.

                    I believe that's all you need to know
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                      Sex: Female

                      Path: Eclectic...embracing the Goddess

                      Element: Mainly water, others are fairly balanced

                      Fave Colors: Gemstone colors, bright and bold - purple, picture Tibet or India and you've got my colors

                      Magical Likes: Herbs, altar tools, essential oils, flower essences, stones, divination (mainly tarot)

                      Crystals: moonstone, carnelian, rose and clear quartz, emerald, anything fertility related

                      Animals: Wolf, giraffe

                      Favorite Scents: Lavendar, ylang ylang, clary sage, rosemary, bergamot

                      More Useful Facts: I love music, nature, reading, and pretty much anything Goddess oriented

                      Shipping - international is fine, but prefer domestic USA

                      Food - not a veggie, but have lots of restrictions - probably better not to do food


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                        Name: Diana
                        Age : 22
                        Path: eclectic pagan solitary witch w/ Celtic and Wiccan influences
                        Favourite colours: Reds, blacks, greys, gold, silver, blues, dark forest greens, most metallic/gemtones.
                        Gods/Goddesses: the Morrigan
                        Elements: Fire
                        Scents: dragon's blood, rose, cinnamon
                        Stones: Any
                        Likes: Just about everything. LOVE bath products, altar decorations/items (aside from 4 elemental tools), knives, herbs, incesnses. Cats, dogs, dragons, unicorns, lions.
                        Allergies: none, food or otherwise
                        Broomcloset: Out to friends and local community, in to family

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                          Sex: MALE

                          Age: 20

                          Path: Isian (Egyptian, following Isis)

                          Element: Fire

                          Fave Colors: Green, especially neon/light

                          Magical Likes: just about anything

                          Crystals (I'd like to have, but not limited to): Lapzi luzi, Onyx, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Clear quartz

                          Animals: frogs, birds, scarab

                          Favorite Scents: patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang

                          Vegatarian: nope

                          Shipping: U.S

                          More Useful Facts: *shrugs*

                          I'm easy to please. I'd just be happy with the thought behind the crafting...
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                            Favorite Colors: Dark purple (grape), earthy greens (sage)

                            Path: Just pagan, but studying some Wicca right now

                            Magical likes: My animal guides are the wolf and the hawk, and I collect wolf items. Love working with herbs and crystals. I'm also quickly becoming a tarot junkie.
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                              Age: 32
                              Gender: Female
                              Favorite Colors: Red, purple, black, silver
                              Favorite scents: Vanilla, "ocean", sandalwood, jasmine
                              Path: Pagan...interested in Shamanism
                              Element: fire
                              God/Goddesses: Artemis, Pele, Tara
                              Likes: animals (esp. frogs, tigers), Tarot, stones & crystals (anything having to do with courage, knowledge, and protection)
                              Shipping: US and Canada
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                                Sex: female

                                Age: 18

                                Favourite Element: water

                                Fave Colors: blue, black, purple, aquamarine

                                Magical Likes: moonstones, magickal bath mixtures, shells, aphrodite, venus, faeries, dragons, ravens, rose quartz, bloodstone, incense, candles, dreamcatchers,native american things, anything pretty!

                                Animals: snakes, horses, phoenix, dragon, swan, raven

                                Shipping: preferably only in the uk, but would ship to the US
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