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    Name: Liz
    Age: 21, but will turn 22 on May 10th
    Sex: Female
    Element: Affinities to water & air
    Favourite crystals: Angelite (if anyone can find any!), Tiger Eye (esp. red), Moonstone, Opal, in need of red stones...
    Favourite colours: Red, black, purple, pink... Anything except yellow or neon green...
    Favourite scents: Anything fruity (but not too sweet), fresh-smelling or spicy.
    Favourite Animals: I love ALL animals (esp. Owls, any birds of prey, frogs, horses, cats, cows, goats, lizards, reptiles, snakes, rats....)
    Likes/Interests: I'm very easily pleased with anything pretty. Anything Celtic, anything quirky, odd or bizarre, I have a Mermaid fixation, I collect Faeries, and I love absolutely ANYTHING! that's handmade. I do Tarot readings, I read Runes and I use a Pendulum, and I have an increasing interest in candle & herbal magic, and I would love some more altar decoration.
    Path: Neo-Paganism of sorts...
    God/Goddess: Rhiannon, Zemyna, Tiamat, Flidais & Nimue
    Allergies: I have a Nickel allergy, so I can't wear silver or white metal No jewellery for me *sniffs*
    What I make: All sorts of gimmicky & trinkety things like boxes, bags, pouches, jewellery, accessories, clothing, hair pieces, Runes & handmade cards. Oh, and I'm starting to experiment with making dolls too!
    Shipping/Location: Preferably within the UK only, but I might be able to ship overseas on occasion. I am located in England.
    'Broom Closet'?: Most definately out, to all that care to listen or ask! :D
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      In prereration for the April exchange...

      Element: I consider myself pretty balanced; a mixture of all 4.

      Sex: Female

      Age: 20

      Path: Witchcraft - Celtic (and maybe a smidgin of Norse )

      Fave Colors: Orange (I even have an orange coat lol), Red (Despite my avatar, I really dont like pink! )

      Crystals: Orange Calcite, Red Jasper, Apophyllite

      Animals: Geese, Ravens

      Favorite Scents: Mugwort's a fave, as is Red Cedar, heather... more earthy natural scents than flowery ones I guess

      Food: I am a vegatarian (though I hypocritically eat fish), and I am hypoglycaemic (that's like diabetes - I dont eat sugar )

      Location: UK/England
      (I'm happy to ship either international or within the UK )

      Dieties: Macha

      Bit about Me:
      - I'm learning to Scry (and to my joy, I seem to have a natural knack for it too!) though at the moment I usually end up scrying in a tea-cup of dark herbal tea because I dont have a mirror or a ball!!
      - I'm big into dreamwork and developing a deeper connection with my own subconscious, the Earth and also with Macha at the moment.
      - I'm a big fan of Brass and copper (as opposed to Silver or Gold or whatever)
      - I dont like pentagrams (bad associations ) or pink
      - I usually bathe with my boyfriend, and he wont let me put bath salts in the tub because he's a delicate skinned little bunny
      - I dont do the Wiccan Alter thing
      - I'm allergic to nickel

      What I make:
      I decorate knives (see link below), I make hand bags (U.S = purses) and purses (U.S. = money pouch-majigs), alter cloths - any kind of creative embroidery really! Cloaks I make candles occasionally, clay incense dishes, I have been dabbling in incense cone making...
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        Hey guys

        I cant say that I'm very paticular on anything. I love beaded work. Jewlery is just fantastic...Journals, oh my goddess, do I love journals... My fav. colors are blues/purples/(non-obnoxious) pinks...(And greens are okay too) I love a lot of things, I'm not very picky... Bath salts would be awesome...And crystals/other gems would be fantastic... Artwork is fine, as long as it's good... (hehe) umm.. I'm up for anything, pretty much, don't get too animal based or anything- but other than that, let your heart run free...And I'd like somehting(if it's artwork) that incorprates all the elements..or that is symbolic of it.. That would be kick a**.. Thanks you guys! And happy crafting!

        By the way, I am a female...And I don't feel I should be judged by my age, it isn't that important.

        I can make beaded jewlery, handmade paper, handmade beads, I can make scarves, some artwork, picture frames, decorated journals.. Scrapbooks, greeting cards, ect ect ect ect... just let me konw...
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          Sex Female
          Path I am verry eclectic. I have had a great meany much older friends form all paths and have soaked up a great bit of it all.
          Age 25
          Color Earthy, dark blues, greens , browns ect.
          Intrests Really anything, I am easilly pleased. Gifts are aways welcome and well loved, and thats what were doing here giveing each other gifts. "Its wonderfull."
          Animal Egyptian cats.
          Shiping Due to my recent endevers I am experenceing a lack of funds, so U.S. for now. I hope to be able to ship internationally later.
          About Me I make mainly soaps, and sell to local shops. I am Changeing over my whole process right now and will be doing the same in about 4-5 monthes. Trying to find the best way to make my soaps. I think I am set on goats milk base though.I want to get into some new crafts though. Nothing else intresting about me, no known alergies. I live above and sometimes work a new age shop called the summer sulstice. I have three cats , Sigh , Countis and serious. No kids.
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            My Turn

            Sex: Female

            Age: 37

            Path: Eclectic but mostly Shamanistic (have studied NA, Mongolian and Inkan)

            Fave Colors: Purple, silver, green

            Magical Likes: fairies, dragons, just about any mythology, tools that are 'natural' or look like natural things (a wand made from driftwood, that type of thing)

            Animals: deer, hummingbird, hawk, owl, bear, horse

            Favorite Scents: vanilla, dragons blood, lavender, chocolate chip cookies baking (if they could bottle that smell, I'd wear it ALL the time LOL)

            Vegatarian: nope

            Shipping: U.S

            More Useful Facts: I like "unusual" things. Things that either take an ordanary object and turns it into something really spectacular, or uses an unusual object in a way not normally seen (such as a sharks jaw that's made into a dream catcher). Also, any thing medievaloid is great too! I make beaded necklaces, jewelry, dream catchers... well, if there's a way to bead it, I am trying to do so . I also paint ceramics, dragons and fairies are my specialties.

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              my stats...

              Sex: female

              Family: married with two dogs

              Favorite colors: orange, blues, purples

              Path: where to begin? I am an empath. I am starting to look into tarot more seriously, so anything along that line would be great. (books, decks, etc...) I am also interested in runes. I am really open minded and would appreciate anything. I am always a student.

              Hobbies: art, photography, school ( :bouncybob future vet :bouncybob)

              I have severely sensitive skin so skin products such as bath salts are not a good idea for me. I have to use MOP (modern organic products) products when I do use skin stuff and they are kind of expensive. so is life. I like beaded jewelry and I like to wear jewelry one piece at a time so I like it to be bold and beautiful, but not costume jewelry . I like greens, purples, blues, and brownish oranges in jewelry.

              I am really easy to please. I love to feel and experience the energy that is sent with a gift so as long as it is sent with love, I will love it. Who knows, I may learn something about the sender.

              Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, I cannot ship internationally.
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                Here's my stats -
                Age: 20
                Fave Colors: Purple, Silver, White
                Path: Eclectic Wiccan with a love for anything Celtic - mainly Welsh
                God/Goddesses: Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwen and The Morrigan
                Likes: Anything Celtic, Crystals, Pegasus, Arthurian Legends, Candles, Faeries, Butterflies, Besoms (you know brooms)
                Element: Air and Fire
                Shipping: I would prefer to ship within Australia to keep costs down.
                More Useful Facts: Perferably no edible crafts. Thanks.
                Remember, if one does not like the method or the teacher, one does not have to post nor participate.
                Let us refrain from dictating the definitions of labels to others.
                Thank you so very much Flar7 for your thoughts and inspiring words.
                [CENTER] Meet Mooney (Kimmie) and Starlet (Jessica), They are the very best of friends! Thank you so much Instinct!
                Please excuse any and/or all spelling mistakes, as they are a natural product of my mind working faster than my hands!


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                  Lessee, my stats

                  31, female, blonde, petite.
                  Have 3 cats, one large dog,
                  Colors: Vibrant and warm is good, all reds, burgundys, rust, green, blue, black, orange. I like rich warm corally- pinks, cream, white and very dark gray and purple, but not so much the pastels.
                  Like: Anything Celtic or Greek, Arthurian stuff, foxes, magpies, ravens, horses, dogs and cats (duh), Pre-Raphealite styles of art, medieval/Renaissance themed stuff, classic fairy tales
                  Path: Sorta hedge witchy these days - but with strong British Romano-Celtic era base.
                  Magical cool stuff: Fairies, mermaids, mythical beasties, but nothing too cute.
                  Taste: Runs to Gothy, but love all things dark, romantic, poetic, etc. I'm a Shakespearian actress and scholar, so all that dramatic stuff appeals to me.
                  I have food allergies, so food is probably not an ideal thing with me
                  Scents: Vanilla, rose, peony, myrrh, citrusy stuff, clove

                  I have fairly sensitive skin, but not extremely so.
                  "It is a good divine that follows his own instructions."
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                    Here's my stats -
                    Married with 1 dog and 2 cats
                    Age: 33
                    Fave Colors: Blue, Pale Yellow
                    Fave Scent: Pacchouli (even though my husband hates it :hahugh: ), cinnamon, sage, the ocean
                    Path: Ecclectic Wiccan
                    God/Goddesses: Athena, Dianna, Bridget, Apollo
                    Likes: Anything Celtic, Crystals, Candles, Faeries, Jewelry, Teddy Bears, Horses
                    Element: Earth and Water
                    Shipping: I can ship just about anywhere.
                    More Useful Facts: Perferably no edible crafts. Thanks.
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                      Sex: Female

                      Age: 18 3/4

                      Path: Eclectic Wiccan, I'm a real mix and matcher who regularly works with Greek deities.

                      Fave Colors: greens, deep forest ones and paler fresh greens, I like black and purplish blues too!

                      Magical Likes: tools, especially wooden ones, bowls, containers, I love boxes and things like that. Candles, as long as not too smoky or smelly. I also love feyish things. I like new incense scents!

                      Animals: FOXES! or cats.

                      Favorite Scents: jasmine, lavender, orchid, orange, I like light scents, nothing strong.

                      Vegatarian: nope, meat is tasssty!

                      Shipping: U.S

                      More Useful Facts: I like things taken from nature. I like animal bones, horns, and skins. I like dried flowers. I adore silver jewelry and rings. I love orginal things and new things to add to my altar. I love beads and fabrics as well. Basically, I love everything!

                      Allergies: I do have allergies and asthma (and I love incense!) so heavily scented candles are out. Also, I tend to react to copper unless treated. Sterling silver for earring hooks (I hate posts) would be appreciated but not a big deal since I can easily change it out by myself.
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                        Just thought I'd update my profile...

                        Sex: Female

                        Age: *cough*38*cough*

                        Favorite Colors: Dark purple (grape), earthy greens (sage)

                        Path: Just pagan, but studying some Wicca right now

                        Magical likes: My animal guides are the wolf and the hawk, and I collect wolf items. Love working with herbs and crystals.

                        Favorite Scents: Lemon (anything citrus, actually), lavender

                        Element: Fire

                        Other information: I'm quickly becoming a tarot junkie, so anything tarot-related would be appreciated. (I need tarot bags! hehe) My tastes tend to run toward the elegant or mysterious, and not the cutesy. I like Celtic designs and influences. Love dangly, gypsy-type jewelry. Bath items are fun. Candles are great! Oh, heck...I like everything.


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                          About me...

                          Favorite color: Jade, of course!

                          I am an eclectic pagan with many interests including fairy magick, moon magick, energy work, spellwerks, gardening, nature...I guess everything.

                          I have no specific requests as all the gifts that I am intended to have are drawn to me.

                          I mostly craft wands out of corkscrew willow and various other stuff, ie crystals, feathers, leather, whatever is right for that wand. I also make fairy dwellings for my friends of the Fae, custom fairy houses that is. Yep, made to order from the little buggers themselves...maybe yours wants one?

                          I cannot ship overseas, sorry!
                          <p><h7><font color = green>On a path that has no end, no beginning, and no middle...just the long road to enlightenment that can only be taught by the taking of the journey~ <p><h4>Lady Jade<p>


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                            My info:

                            W/ fiance, one cat, 1 ferret, and 2 goldfish
                            Age: 25
                            Fave Colors: anything blue!
                            Path: Eclectic Wiccan
                            God/Goddesses: Any Greek or Roman Goddesses, or any culture affiliated with the element Air (wind, birds, trees, etc)
                            Likes: Anything Irish, anything blue, whimsical-looking things, gardening, any pagan/wiccan book to read, vampire stories, being by the water (ocean), wolves, hematite, origami, anything to do with Harry Potter, and I LOVE CHOCOLATE! (plain) :D
                            Element: Air and Water
                            Shipping: Wherever, whenever!
                            More Useful Facts: Um... I'm really picky about the food I eat, so no food...


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                              Name: Dextra
                              Age: almost 27
                              Sex: Female
                              Path: Eclectic Witch
                              Favourite colours: Reds, blacks, greys, gold, silver, blues, dark forest greens, most metallic/gemtones.
                              Gods/Goddesses: the Morrigan, Athena, Diana, Kerridwen, Kernunnos, a mix of Celtic and Greek
                              Elements: Fire and earth
                              Scents: anything light, but I'm allergic to incense
                              Stones: Amethyst, hematite, onyx
                              Animals: Phoenixes, wolves, panthers
                              Likes: Just about everything.
                              Allergies: I'm allergic to incense
                              Broomcloset: Out to everyone.
                              Shipping: Would prefer to ship within US/Canada because money's tight at the moment. This may change later.
                              "Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness, experiencing itself, subjectively. There is no such thing as death; life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather!"
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                                Repost as Nyoko

                                Gender: Female
                                Fave Colors: Black, Silver and Red
                                Path: I don't know. I just say Earth Worshipper. It works.
                                God/Goddesses: Diana, Jupiter and Atlas
                                Magickal Likes: Candles, soaps, art of any kind (really), Samhain & Yule are my favorite Sabbats, faeries, vampires, pendulums.
                                Shipping: Preferably within NorthAmerica
                                More Useful Facts: I am allergic to strawberry oils and hazelnuts (I'm not too sure about other nuts, but I just want to be safe here. )
                                Aside from that, guarenteed I'll love anything I receive