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    Sex: Female

    Age: 23 (24 on the 9th of May:D)

    Path: Wiccan Solitary Eclectic

    Favorite colors: I love all colors. I am partial to earth tones, but love greens, and purples (yeah I know not an earth tone)

    Gods/Goddesses: I worship The Goddess. Not by any name specifically, but she did present herself to me in the form of Diana when I first started on my path.

    Elements: Earth with a connection to fire

    Scents: My sense of smell is very strong. I prefer clean smells as opposed to blends. Herbs and their sent is fine. Anything else is just asking for truble. Chamomile, mint, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc those are ok.

    Stones: Moonstone is a favorite of mine. But I love all types.

    Animals: I feel a bond to all animals. Have a pet dog.

    Likes: Dragons, Fairies, mythical creatures, earth, just about anything really,

    Allergies: None that would apply here I don’t think. Grass, pet hair, seasonal stuff.

    Broom closet: Not completely out. They know my path is a little off of the one they’re following.

    Magickal Likes: Candles, Herbs, a bit of crystals and tarrot -but not too proficient in them, I am studying healing at the moment, I can't think of anything else.

    Fave Sabbats: Beltane & Samhain

    No Bathtub

    Shipping: US preferred for money reasons, but will not rule out international.

    My craft mediums: cross stitch, candle making, sewing, beading, and just started working in polymer clay

    Aside from all of this I appreciate craftsmanship. I understand and appreciate that handcrafted items take imagination, work, heart, determination, and a little bit of us. Anything I receive will be appreciated for the work of art that it is.
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      Gender: Female
      Status: Married, 4 kids, 2 in-laws, 1 grandchild
      Pets: 2 Great Pyranees, 6 cats, 2 parakeets
      Astrological Sign: Capricorn
      Favorite Colors: Jewel colors
      Path: Christian with mystic leanings. . .so, I am not sure what that makes me. . .I am still learning.
      God/Goddesses: YHWH, Jesus, and Parakleetos (or Shekhina, the Holy Spirit)
      Magickal Likes: Candles, cats, crystals, stones, dragons, dolphins, Renaissance art, fairies, birds.
      Shipping: Preferably within North America
      More Useful Facts: ALLERGIES to strong scents and unfortunately incense smoke (and cigarette smoke). . .and sage. . .oh and highly allergic to poinsettias (I stop breathing)
      Talents: Stained Glass, Bead Work (learning), Art (not as good as many on this board, but not too bad), sewing, "crafty" stuff
      Favorite Scents: Mint, Cinnamon/Allspice, Vanilla, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Melon, Fruity scents - not overly perfumed
      Bathtub? (I wish) No, shower only
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        My craft exchange profile

        Brigid Weaver

        Sex: Female

        Age: 44 (45 on the 4th of July 2004)

        Path: Stitch and Kitchen witch drawn to the British pantheons, traditions without belonging to a tradition.

        Favorite colors: Partial to rich tones of reds, blues, spring/moss greens, black, silver, golds. Not a pastel person but otherwise, like most colors.

        Gods/Goddesses: I work with Brigid and The Horned One/Cernunnos

        Elements: Born with too much water and fire I am drawn to earth and air.

        Scents: vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli, nag champa, woodsy, spicey, earthy with citrus.

        Stones: Love rocks of all kinds but especially love rainbow moonstone, garnet, and peridot

        Animals: love animals, have a cat and drawn to deer/stag and crows

        Likes: Mystical artwork, Loreena McKennit and other mystical music, textiles, candles, soaps, lotions, oils, ritual tools, acorns and oak leaves, deer/stags, vines, harvest and winter themes, greenman, wool, anything seasonal.

        Allergies: No food allergies

        Broom closet: Don't care what the mailman thinks!

        Fave Sabbats: All of them but especially Mabon, Samhain, and Yule

        Have bathtub

        Shipping: I'll ship anywhere but I can't afford to insure international packages and I can't guarantee it will be there in the six days but glad to do it and let them know it might take a little longer.

        My craft mediums: embroidery, weaving, sewing, cooking, beading, anything crafty is possible
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          okay, here goes

          gender: Male
          family: a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter
          Path: Wicca, but I am also 1/2 cherokee, and carry a sacred pipe.
          favorite colors: I wear a lot of black, but I love green
          Goddess/God : primordial Earth Mother (i see HER like the venus of willendorf) and Pan
          Elements: water and earth
          scents: Patchouly, nag champa, lavender, well, really everything except jasmine- i am alergic
          Stones: I'd love any stone that wanted to live with me...
          Animals: (totem i guess) : Raven/Crow, Mockingbird
          Likes: Faeries and Dragons, Celtic knotworks, beadwork, loving energies...
          allergies : just Jasmine
          Broom Closet: well, um, I'm out.
          Fave sabbats: Beltaine!
          have a tub
          I'll ship anywhere, even outer space if we can find enough stamps!

          This is gonna be cool!
          I didn't see talk about what you make, but I do Carving, stone and wood, a bit of metalwork, crystal wrapping and setting, and a few more odds and ends...


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            Name: Faeawyn

            Sex: Female

            Age: 41yo body, 21yo mind

            Path: Christian witch/lightworker (I think)

            Favorite colors: I love all colors, but favor silver and purple

            Gods/Goddesses: I worship God/the creator, Mother Earth/Gaia, and have a newly developed interest in Mary as a goddess as well.

            Elements: I love them all

            Scents: My sense of smell is very strong. I prefer clean smells rather than strong perfumey ones. Herbs and their sent is fine (like incense), and scented candles and bath stuff are great

            Stones: Moonstone and amethyst and citrine and....oh heck...I love them all.

            Animals: I have 2 fur babies, a dog and a cat that I adore.

            Likes: Faeries, mythical creatures, faeries, just about anything really, oh and faeries but I don't like child-like faeries...I like the beautiful women faeries I love crystals, boxes and bags to hold stuff in ...ummm...and I'm a witchcraft tool freak...I love tools

            Allergies: dust and cat hair when its all in my bed

            Broom closet: Definitely Not out, so I can't get anything that is obviously Wiccanish. My husband and son daughter knows some stuff like tarot and crystals....but not the witch part

            Magickal Likes: I collect anything pertaining to magick, I just love the stuff-, I am studying chakras and I'm a Reiki healing Master, I can't think of anything else.

            Fave Sabbats: Yule

            Big lovely bathtub

            Shipping: US preferred, but will not rule out international.

            My craft mediums: paint, just started with clay, some sewing
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              Sex- Female

              Age- 37 (but don't feel like it)

              Path - Eclectic Pagan / Egyptian
              Fave colors - Green (hence the name) Black, Silver
              Gods/Goddesses - Sekhmet(Goddess), and sometimes Anubis(God)

              Element -Air, but I love Earth

              Scents - Lavender, Jasmine , Nag Champa... but nothing too musky

              Stones - Moonstone and Amber are my favorites, but anything green works too

              Animals - I have 5 cats

              Likes - just about anything

              Allergies - None that I know of

              Broom Closet - Out to mostly everyone

              Fave Sabbats - Samhain and Yule

              Bathtub - Yes!

              Shipping - Would prefer to stay in the U.S, but will ship internationally if need be.

              Craft Mediums - Sewing, stenciling, crocheting... learning new things all the time.
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                Name: Spiritcalf

                Sex: Male

                Age: 23

                Path: Wiccan with a few Buddhist Ideas

                Favorite colors: Blue and Black, I like purple too, oh and sage green as well.

                Gods/Goddesses: I worship the Lord and Lady, connection to Lyr or Inari for God Association, Oya for Goddess

                Elements: Water and Earth

                Scents: Sage and Lavander are my two favs.

                Stones: Bloodstone, Jade and would like to get to know Amethyst better as I have none.

                Animals: Strong conection to Turtles (its my totem)

                Likes: Anything Celtic, Japanese, or Native American. Anything turtle related. Anything from the bottom of your heart.

                Allergies: none

                Broom closet: 98% out (I keep a toe in the closet around family)

                Fave Sabbats: Lughnasadh (my Birthday!) and Yule

                Bathtub: In a couple weeks I will finally have one big enough to take a bath in.

                Shipping: US preferred, but will not rule out international.

                My craft mediums: Wood work, very minor carving, burning, some leather work, Box making, and rune making.

                If not of that helped you to figure me out, here are some things I need/want: A wooden/ bamboo flute, a kilt of any plaid, or a pair of gillies or leather boots in size 14. I know these are things people don't ordinarily make, but just throwing these ideas out there for the person who gets me and has no clue what to do. lol.
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                  Age: *19
                  Gender: *Female
                  Likes: * Faeries, dragons, celtic anything, candles, crystals and gems, anything witchy
                  Dislikes: * Can't think of any, except I have a toddler so please nothing sharp like knives
                  Fav Color:*I'm partial to blues. especially deep greenish blues, also like black and silver
                  Scents: *I like light fruity scents, or herbal scents
                  Elements: *I am earth by birth, but relate better to water, especially oceans
                  Allergies: *Grass, bleach, pollen, I also have asthma, light incenses are okay though
                  Bathtub: *Lol I have a toddler when do I have time to take a bath??
                  Shipping: *Prefer US but can go international
                  Broom Closet: *Not out, but I don't care what the mail man thinks!

                  Craft Mediums: Beading, painting (I assume this means what i use?)

                  This is going to be fun!! I love making stuff for others
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                    Sex: Female

                    Family: Single mom two teens (one of each)

                    Age: Jan 24th, 66

                    Path: Witch/ Faery priestess/ gypsy princess by birth

                    Favorite colors: blues/greens/purples earth tones --umm yeah most colors

                    Gods/Goddesses: the faeries

                    Elements: i work with all four so much --currently doing a lot of earth and grounding

                    Scents: anything that isn't really overly flowery sweet

                    Stones: garnet, amethyst, quartz, lodestone

                    Animals: all of em lol -- i have a monkey, 3 dogs, a cat, and two toads

                    Likes: faeries, dragons, mythical creatures, native things

                    Allergies: none that apply here i think

                    Broom closet: So far out, that someone should probably go clean out the closet it's been empty a looong time

                    Magickal Likes: umm all of it lol shrugs i am so elclectic in the stuff i enjoy

                    Fave Sabbats: samhain, summer solstice

                    Bathtub: yep

                    Shipping: where ever

                    My craft mediums: cross stitch, bath salts, tinctures, oils, candle making, sewing, beading, prayer bead sets, umm box sets, lol i do lots of stuff depends how my mood strikes

                    claps how fun!



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                      • sex:female
                      • age:28
                      • family:married with kids,1dog,1cat,and 1fish
                      • path:all of them at moment,but am leaning towards the celtic ones
                      • God/Goddess:at moment Sun and Moon
                      • elements:all 4 of them
                      • favorite colors:deep dark purples,black,silver
                      • scents:dragon's blood,vanilla,jasmine,lavendar,cinnamon.nothing real strong as it gives me headaches,but am willing to try new scents
                      • stones: opal,moonstone,any really
                      • animals:wolves{my spirit guide},ravens,cats{mild&wild},owls,butterflies
                      • favorite sabbat:Samhain
                      • likes:faeries,dragons,herbal teas,wolves,black cats,witches,beaded things,anything&everything handmade,I'm getting into tarot,and would like to try runes and scrying,I do alot of dreamwork also,I love to read,and I love all types of music,anything unusal,everything celtic,candles,incense,oils
                      • allergies:none that would matter
                      • broom closet: out to those who are important{meaning my family}
                      • bathtub:yes
                      • shipping:will send where ever needed
                      • my craft mediums:bead jewelry,dreamcatchers,I do alot of hand sewing of little bags and just made my first quilt squares,and I dabble into lots of other crafts{I pretty much cater the craft to the person it's for},and I love to bake breads and sweets{though I only use organic ingredents}
                      I guess that pretty much does it.
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                        I'm gonna stick my profile in now, because though I may not quite be able to make the July exchange, I suspect that I'll be joining in on this after I get home things a little more in hand. Just the thought of being able to do neat little crafty things for someone has me drooling- I used to make a handmade Christmas ornament for each member of my family (all aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and the respective spouses of each) every single year. One year I had to make over 300. I loved it.

                        Wacky (often known as Michy or Michele)

                        Sex: Female

                        Age: 35 as of 2004 (but I tend to act like a teen!)

                        Family: I live in PA with The Mate, and two of his three sons. My three children (1 boy, 2 girls) live with their father back in SD.

                        Path: Eclectic Pagan Spiritualist.

                        Favorite colors: I tend to like blues, purples, and silvers.

                        Gods/Goddesses: I refer to my PTB as The Divine or Spirit. I haven't been tapped by any specific deity.

                        Elements: I'm not specifically attracted to any one element.

                        Scents: Vanilla, mint, chocolate, cinnamon, fruity scents. For some reason I don't care much for flowery scents.

                        Stones: I adore rocks, crystals, stones, runes, etc of all kinds.

                        Animals: I'm an animal lover, especially horses and parrots, and wolves because The Mate is so drawn to them. We currently have 9 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 turtles.

                        Likes: Horses, poetry, reading, cross stitching, sweet foods.

                        Allergies: Nothing really, just some mild intolerances. I do have psoriasis, so I have to be careful what I put on my skin

                        Broom closet: Is only used for brooms in our house. We're all out of the closet.

                        Fave Sabbats: Wow, all of them. Seriously, they each have something special about them, and I like them in different ways. The more I can decorate for it, the more I like it.

                        Bathtub: Yes, an old deep clawfoot one.

                        Shipping: I'd prefer not international for money reasons, but I might be able to squeak it out if needed.

                        My craft mediums: Cross stitching, woodworking, latchhook, poetry are pretty much my limits for now. I garden, but I'm not much good yet.

                        For me: I don't mind getting ANYthing, I'm not picky in the least. I am just getting ready to build my own altar, as soon as I can buy the supplies. I absolutely adore candles and candle holders, but I'm running out of places to put them right now. We are completely redoing our home, so decorations are a good thing.

                        Well, there I am.
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                          Sex: Female

                          Age: 48

                          Family: I live with my soulmate and life partner, Flar7, in Oklahoma with our four cats. My children, three sons, are grown.

                          Path: Pagan/Heathen with a little Native American and Wiccan twist.

                          Favorite colors: Just about anything. If I had to pick a favorite, I love deep shades of mauve.

                          Gods/Goddesses: Due to my strong background in Catholicism, I look to the Mary's as goddesses, both the Blessed Virgin and Magdalene. Also St. Brighid and St. Teresa. Freyja, goddess of the North is my patron. Oya kicks my butt when needed.

                          Elements: Water, earth

                          Scents: Almond, sandalwood, patchouli, amber. I don't care much for florals but love herbal scents.

                          Stones: Everything from gemstones to river rocks. I do love amber and rainbow moonstone.

                          Animals: Current journey totem is the turtle. Perpetual totems are wolf, butterfly and raven.

                          Likes: Clay sculpture, wire jewelry making, soapmaking, cats, dogs, gardening, girl stuff like smellies, lotions and jewelry.

                          Allergies: None aware

                          Broom closet: Out to family and friends but I do live in the Bible Belt, can't throw caution to the wind, although sometimes I have and no one's noticed.

                          Fave Sabbats: I love any excuse for a party! Beltaine's my favorite because it falls around my birthday.

                          Bathtub: Big garden tub but have to clean cat hair out of it since they use it for a self-waterer. So it doesn't get much use because I have to get IN it to clean it.

                          Shipping: Canada's fine, will consider international if I've got enough money.

                          My craft mediums: As above in "Likes"

                          For me: I'm not picky and appreciate any gift. I am trying to organize my workspace both at my kitchen table office and in our art room. I also like to wrap my products in pretty things, so bags and papers to compliment my sculpture and jewelry will always be put to good use, if you don't mind that it would be passed on.
                          My adopted smilies:
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                            Sex: Female

                            Age: 56

                            Path: Neumannism (Pagan, my own brand) Ecclectic

                            Favorite colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange (all in vibrant tones)

                            Gods/Goddesses: Sun and Moon

                            Elements: Fire

                            Scents: It is easier to ask what I don't like. Don't like Rose. Favorite Patchouli, but love all earthy scents.

                            Stones: Love'em all

                            Animals: Lion, cat, dog.

                            Likes: to read, Shodo, jewlery with precious and semi-precious stones, study astrology & tarot.

                            Allergies: None

                            Broom closet: Not hiding it and not flaunting it. My family knows my alignment

                            Magickal Likes: tarot, astrology, Goddess (moon) and God (sun), seasonal alter decorations, herbs, stones.

                            Fave Sabbats: Samhain & Yule

                            Yes Bathtub

                            Shipping: Anywhere in world

                            My craft mediums: Jewlery, Herbal Decorations and Teas, Shodo, sewing when in mood, floral designs (Fresh, dried and artifical)
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                              I am a female, 32 yrs old
                              Married with a young son
                              Fave colors: earth tones-browns, greens; Jewel tones-green, purple, red
                              Path: I am just starting so I am ecletic with a lean to the Norse path
                              Deities: So far I have strong leaning towards Norse pantheon
                              Interests: Anything really, candles, fairies, tarot, runes, cats, dogs, horses, herbal teas
                              My favorite places are the shore and the woods.
                              Shipping: anywhere
                              I do have allergies mainly seasonal/hayfever types. If something is scented to strongly, or is to flowery it may trigger my allergies. I do love lavender!
                              I do alot sewing for friends and family. I have just started experimenting with beading and quilting.
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                                Hi, I am female, 28 years old, married with four young girls (#2 starts Kindergarten this year).
                                Path: Eclectic Hedge Witch.
                                Deities: Gaia and Luna.
                                Favorite colors: Dark, subtle colors. Maroon, dark blue, dark green, etc. and silver (I'm not into gold)
                                Elements: Fire and Water (yes, I can be confused at times).
                                Stones: Never really gave that much thought.
                                Scents: I love vanilla, almond and other homey scents. If it reminds me of a kitchen, I will like it. I don't care for florals and I really don't like patchouli.
                                Animals: Black leopard, big cats in general.
                                Allergies: I now suspect that it is dust mites or some such.
                                Broom Closet: I don't flaunt it, but neither do I hide it. I live in a very accepting part of my state and for that I am thankful I don't have to hide it.
                                Hobbies: reading (fantasy), medieval astrology, sewing, knitting, baking
                                Magical likes: I am learning meditation, and I like home-based magical stuff.
                                Bathtub: I have one, but I don't use it myself because it is too small and won't fill more than halfway. My kids use it all the time, though.
                                Shipping: Due to finances, I would like to keep it in the US.
                                Mediums: Sewing, crochet, knit, baking
                                Miscellaneous: I am a practical person, and I have very small children, so anything I receive needs to please be babyproof as I like to use everything I get and don't want to have to tape it to the ceiling to keep it out of reach of the kids. :hehehehe: I am also a thinker, so anything that stimulates my mind is most welcome as well.
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