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    f e m m e

    age| 14

    sun sign| sagittarius

    moon sign| cancer

    ascending sign| virgo

    elements| fire and water

    colours| black . dark red . white . light pink

    path| eclectic solitary wiccan

    deities| hypnos . thanatos . aphrodite . eros . all save aphrodite are winged :3

    scents| vanilla . rose . strawberry

    stones| moonstone . obsidian . rose quartz

    likes| TAROT, reading, writing, drawing, literature, fashion design, graphic design, blood, flowers, different sorts of paper, calligraphy, art, renaissance stuff, victorian stuff, lace, victorian gothic things, rain, storms ... it'd be stupid to say vampires cos i'm a mv and it's not fun, but i do like vampire fiction. flowers (especially roses), sachets, bags, journals, books, dragons (i speak with a mauve one called kambriel), angels, potpourri, herbs, candles, oils, books, journals, bags and sachets, flower pressing, stuffed toys

    dislikes| most foods, lol... i love cooking but unfortunately i can't eat most things. things i can't eat without getting ill are vegetables, cheese, greasy foods, seafood, indian food, beans, nuts, and... some other things that i can't remember. that limits me esentially to fruits, noodles, pastas, soups, breads, cookies, that sort of thing. :3

    spells| the only love spells i'd like are ones that like... enhance an existing love. :3 otherwise...anything else! i just don't like reciting long incantations

    recipes| sachets, oils, bath salts, potpourri, bath/beauty stuff and pretty flowery stuff :3 any recipes including what i can eat would be welcome!
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      Age: 22

      Sex: Female

      Path: Undecided, studying wicca currently

      Favourite colors: Blue, Teal, and all earthy colors...ooh and rust

      God/Goddess: Sun and Moon will do for now, haven't decided as to names.

      Elements: Earth and Water

      Scents: Florals, musks, and anything that smells reminecent of water

      Sones: I'm drawn to moon related stones (Lapis, Onyx, Labradorite, Moonstone), but Especially Rainbow Moonstone, I lost my ring and have been very very sad

      Animals: Cats, Foxes, Horses, Snakes, and any sea or mythalogical creature

      Likes: Anything that smells good, reading, things that I can wear or hold, stones and jewelry, drawing, and lip balm

      Allergies: My roomie is allergic to smoke, so no inscence for me, and if I eat too much candy my feet get itchy.

      Broom Closet: For now, my roomies won't care, and my fiancee and best friend know, my mom is southern babtist though so she would freak (I'm afraid she'd stop paying for school) so if she ever figures it out, then she'll know.

      Magical Likes: mmmm CANDLES, I loves candles, stones after that, jewelry (I've been in the market for Goddess/Pentagram jewelry.

      Favorite Sabbats: Samhain and Mabon

      Bathtub: Hoo Ha (yes)

      Shipping: Would prefer US but Canada shouldn't cost much more.

      Crafts I do: Drawings (any medium), Painting, Sculpture, Sewing, Knitting, and Crocheting.

      let's party!!!
      thank you to Faeawyn for the banner, it is of prettyness :drool: :spinner: and thanks to Aurora for the Councellors banner also thanks to Pandoras and thanks to skysilver for rotating them.

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        Gaia 21

        Age: 36

        Sex: Female

        Path: eclectic w/Shamisnm tendancies

        Favourite colors: Purple, Blue

        God/Goddess: Hecate

        Elements: All

        Scents: Lavender is my favorite but I love everything.

        Stones: Amethyst, moon related stones (Lapis, Onyx, Labradorite, Moonstone), Tiger's Eye

        Animals: Dogs, wolfves, owls, dragons

        Likes: I like everything. not picky.

        Allergies: none

        Broom Closet: out

        Magical Likes: candles, stones, jewelry. all types of divination, herbs

        Favorite Sabbats: Samhain and Yule

        Bathtub: yes

        Shipping: dont matter

        Crafts I do: make jewelry, aromatherapy pouches, scrying mirrors, dream catchers, beaded wands, pendulums, bath products, ummmmmmm...........
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          Age - than a teenager and younger than a senior citizen

          Colors - purple, blue, silver, black (others are okay too)

          Path - eclectic, healer, shaman

          Magical Likes - pretty much anything

          Animals - Dragons! oh, and cats, frogs, bears and dogs

          Allergies - none

          Broom closet - out

          Favorite Sabbats - Samhain and Yule

          Bathtub - yes

          Shipping - US and Canada

          Crafts I do - jewelry, eggs, pretty much anything artsy craftsy
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            The 411 on Rayne

            I'm a female (could ya guess)
            I'm 25
            Fave colors are black, purple and silver
            Path: Eclectic Wiccan
            Magickal likes: runes, tarot, candles, herbs, stones, oils, incense, anything writing related, faeries
            Randomness: I am not picky, anything made by someone else would rock. I am in love with anything that i can write on/with/in (I'm a writer) I love things that smell good (I love nag champra (sp?) and patchouli) I have a bathtub but usually only use the shower since the tub is not comfortable to sit in...I love accessories of all types (can we say bracelet queen??) I have my ears pierced as well as my nostril.
            Craftiness: I crochet, knit, collage, alter things, and generally I will try making anything

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              Age: 26

              Sex: Female

              Path: Eclectic, Goddess-Centered, Neo-Pagan Witch

              Allergies: Yes. Please no scented oils, candles, insence, bath products, etc.

              Dislikes: New Agey color stuff - like auras, chakras, etc. I'm not into sewing, stitching, knitting, etc.

              Likes: Pretty much everything else.

              No preference: Animals, Goddesses, Colors, Stones. I like them all.

              Shipping: I'm in the U.S. and I will ship within the U.S. and internationally.

              My Crafts: I make goddess dolls. See my website for photos.


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                Sex: Female

                Age: 27

                Path: Solitary Eclectic Pagan Witch with noctural tendacies

                Favorite colors: black, red, orange

                Gods/Goddesses: Hekate and Lilith

                Elements: Water

                Scents: patchouli and sandlewood

                Stones: not particular on any, but would like jet, onyx and black obsidian

                Animals: 2 cats

                Likes: books, candles, incense, decoration, I am very easy to plase!!!

                Allergies: None

                Broom closet: very slowly working my way out, but I'm standing with the door wide open!!!

                Magickal Likes: herbs, rituals, prayers, chants, mediation

                Fave Sabbats: Samhain & Yule
                Remember, if one does not like the method or the teacher, one does not have to post nor participate.
                Let us refrain from dictating the definitions of labels to others.
                Thank you so very much Flar7 for your thoughts and inspiring words.
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                  I put Dixie in the Quick Click thread too

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                    Here Is my Craft Profile.........

                    Age: 25
                    Gender: Female
                    Favorite Color: Green, Green,Green, and did I mention Green..LOL... I also like Red, Blue,Purple, and Yellow.
                    God/Goddesses: None at the present time.
                    Magickal Likes: Candles, Herbs, Incense, Celtic Knotwork, etc.......
                    Shipping: anywhere if fine, I am not hard to please
                    More Useful Facts: I don't have a bathtub, only a shower so bath salts aren't very useful to me. Other than that I like just about anything and everything Witchey. Also I am an Eclectic Pagan with Celtic influences. I am not allergic to anything as far as I know. And I love the scent of sandlewood, it is my fave.
                    Favorite animals: I love big dogs, like the St. Bernard, and big cats, like lions, tigers, cougers,panthers,etc..
                    I also enjoy working with the faeries among other things.
                    It was just brought to my attention that i left a few pertanent details out of my profile and just wanted to clear this up for the ease of my exchange partner...sorry....
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                      Craft Exchange

                      Name: Maridyann

                      Age: 35 soon to be 36 in December

                      God/dess: I really haven't found any that I am particularly drawn to yet, but still studying on it. I am a little drawn to the Egyptian Pantheon.

                      Likes: I really like Crystals of all kinds, gems and rocks of all kinds, candles, spells, gardening and all flowers, reading, most any jewelry, Hawks (my spirit helper), wolves (my husbands helper), and most anything, I'm easy to please. :flowers:

                      Favorite Colors: PINK, as all my sisters can tell you, red, blue, yellow, well I guess I like all colors, but pink is my favorite.

                      Dislikes: I don't think there are to many things that I don't like, except musk anything, it gives me a headache.

                      Things I make: I make Altar Clothes, made two for a sister this past month. Wands, made two of these as well, one for the sister and one for the daughter. I can sew about anything I put my mind to. So if there is something in paticular you want let me know.

                      I will ship anywhere.


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                        Name: Ivy

                        Sex: Female, 26

                        Path: Wiccan

                        Element: Earth, Water

                        Fave Colors: Purples, blues, greens

                        Magical Likes
                        : just about anything useful, altar stuff, decorative stuff, incense holders, candles are great... everything, really.

                        : Quartz, Rutilated quartz, amber, FLUORITE is my fave!

                        Animals: Fox

                        Favorite Scents: ylang ylang, patchouli, nag champa, sage

                        Vegatarian: Nope. I don't like the taste of most veggies, Id starve!

                        Shipping: U.S (for right now, I'm poor)

                        More Useful Facts: I don't have a big enough bathtub to enjoy bath stuffs. I'd love anything and everything.
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                          Name: Char
                          Sex: Female, 21
                          Fave Colors: Jewel tones and pastels, anything but annoyingly bright neon.
                          Shipping: Would prefer to stay in US but can ship overseas if necessary.
                          Misc.: I am not picky, if something is made for me with thought and love, it will be loved.

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                            Fave Colors:Black & Red (together is great!)

                            Path:Dont have one yet

                            Magickal Likes:Anything that goes on and altar or is used in rituals,Altar Cloths & i am REALLY BIG into the Goddess right now.Also i am collecting everything i can get my hands on that has to do with the fertility goddess or that helps with fertility.

                            Items Im looking for:Pendulam(spelling?),Crystals,Crystal Ball,Wand,all altar/ritual items and anything Goddess related!

                            I am also big into Faeries right now

                            Items i dont need:Soap(bars)or candles as i make my own.

                            Scents:Lavender,Peppermint,Sandlawood,Midnight,Rose, Fresh Rain and some others.Need to know just ask.(theses are not in order there just put down in the order i thought about them!

                            BIG NONO:Aloe,coconut and very strong oil content stuff to put on my body.(i dont like being itchie!)

                            Shipping:US only right now

                            Useful Info:Can't use anything with Coconut,Aloe or bee's wax in it on my body!
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                            Nothing in the world is friendlier than a wet dog:hahugh:

                            Sometimes I dream that a big, giant squirrel is carrying me away. Does that make me a nut?

                            If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

                            When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
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                              Age: 43
                              Favorite colors: purples, mauves, sage green, dusty blue, midnight blue, burgandy, teal
                              Scents: Jasmine, patchouli, sandlewood, lavendar,l ilac, passion flower, etc
                              Stones: Love them all! There is a list of the ones I have in the Stone Section.
                              Allergies: sensitive skin and food allergies also allergic to witch hazel
                              Magical Likes: Tarot,Runes,Candle ,Wands and Magical or Altar Tools or items.
                              Elements: Earth and Water
                              God/Goddess: The Creator, I work with the Spirits and Loa
                              Path: Hoodoo Practioner (Healer,seer,mystic,native american type path)
                              Likes: Dragon things,, Wizards, Faery things, Jewelry, incense holders, oils, feathers, boxes, candle holders of unique styles ,not hard to please.
                              Shipping:Prefer US but Canada is ok too!
                              Crafts: I use many different mediums.
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                                Gender: female

                                Fave Colors: Lilac, light blue, and pink

                                Path: Asatru-based FamTrad. I'm also interested in kitchen witchey and herb lore.

                                Deities: Standard Goddess and God as well as Norse dieties

                                Interests: candles, bath stuff, faeries, writing, sillyness, elves, scrapbooking.... almost anything!

                                Shipping: Prefer within Canada, or at least North America

                                Miscellaneous: I make bath things and candles, among other things.
                                Yours, with gusto,