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  • Name: DragonsChest (age 44)

    Location: Oklahoma

    Sign: Scorpio

    Stones: tigerseye, hematite, rose quartz, citrine, amythyst, amber

    Scents and herbs: dragons blood, sandalwood, vanilla, lavender

    Path: eclectic Christian, but very open to other views and experiences

    Pets: dogs, cat, bird, fish

    Music: ren faire music, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Reba, Yanni, 70's and 80's era music

    Animals: dragons (I really want one of my own), cats, dragon flies,

    General likes: Dragons, of course; ren faires; castles; I like gold jewelry almost exclusively - but that's a tad bit pricey ; bath bubbles; body lotions; book marks and books; crystals; movies; travel; candles and incense; astrological symbols

    Favorite time of year: I love Christmas time; I really enjoy Thanksgiving; and I love summertime.

    Colors: gold, golden-browns, yellow-golds, amethyst type purples, greens, turquoisey blues

    Piercings: two lower lobe ear piercings per ear.

    Dislikes: hate rap/jazz; cold and snow; turquoise the stone;
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    • Likes and dislikes

      Ok here goes

      I am a Solitary Eclectic Hearth Witch

      I am married and live in the UK in a tiny flat with my Husband and cat Dylan.

      Age 55

      Fav colours:Blue,Black, Autumnal colours, Purple

      Fav Magickal things: Runes, Tarot, Faeries, symbols of protection, candle magick.

      Deities: Bast, Isis, Erce also known as Nerthus, Epona, Ra, Cernunnos, Green man, Freya, Woden,Thunar.

      Dislikes: Cherubs and Arum Lillies both give me the creeps and Clowns.
      The colour PINK

      I don't have a bath I shower so nothing for the bath please.

      Interests anything to do with my craft, gardening, anything to do with nature,Celtic beliefs, Animal totems, Crystals.

      Basicaly I like all sorts of things.

      Hobbies: ATC's, making things for my path like altar items, arts and craft things eg cross stitch and matchbox shrines.

      You can always PM me if you want to know more about me.
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      • Hilary

        Sex: Female

        Age: 20 (Birthday: June 2)

        Sign: Gemini

        Status: Living with boyfriend

        Pets: 2 kitties, 1 leopard gecko, 10 rats, 2 tree frogs, 1 anole and 2 newts

        Path: Eclectic Witch

        Favorite colors: Black, purple and earthy colors

        Gods/Goddesses: Gaia, greenman and Brigid

        Elements: Earth and Air

        Scents: I cant think of any scents that I dont like, just nothing too strong

        Stones: I love all stones

        Animals: Rats and reptiles

        Likes: Faeries, earthy things, books, dragons, candles, scrapbooking stuff, gardening stuff, crystals, jewelry but not earrings and wolves

        Allergies: Certain cats and cigarette smoke and ashes

        Bathtub: Yes

        Broom closet: Open

        Magickal Likes: Herbs, stones, candles, tarot, runes and oils.

        Fave Sabbats: Samhain, Yule, Ostara and Midsummer

        Shipping: US

        My craft mediums: Soapmaking, paper crafts, wreaths, masks, wands and besoms

        This is my dragon Titania made by instinct



        • my profile

          Karen aka woodlandfairy
          sun sign| I'm a cappy

          elements| earth but likes air and water

          colours| black, blues, greens and purple
          path| eclectic solitary wiccan

          scents| patchouli is fav. Likes earthy and fruity, can't stand lavender or any sage smells, no bathtub only a shower

          stones| quartz, moonstone, garnet, just about any

          likes| abstract art, fairies, things that hang, anything witchy, shiney things, anything unusual

          dislikes| I make jewelry and am picky about it so anything but jewelry, would be nice
          shipping| due to funds, would like to ship within the US if possible

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          • age-27
            sign - Carpricorn

            colours - Black, Purple, Forest Green, Red (dark colours in general)

            scents - Anything that doesnt contain Vanilla (it smells off on my skin!) I Like fruity & I love Rose based scents

            stones| Moonstone, Hematite, Clear Quartz

            Ears - pierced, but allergic to gold (see below!)

            likes - Abstract & Surrealist Art, Fairies(things with wings), Unusual objects, Cats, Barbie!! Chocolate!

            dislikes - I'm not a picky person, the fact that I get something will make me happy! Vanilla!! and I am allergic to Gold!
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            My Blog:


            • Okely, let's give it a whirl :D

              Sex: Definitely male.

              Age: (Physical age: 33, Mental age: 14)

              Status: Engaged

              Pets: 1 Girlfriend, almost house trained.

              Path: Solitary Witch

              Favorite colors: Green, Black

              Gods/Goddesses: Cernunnos/Herne, The Goddess in all forms.

              Elements: Water

              Scents: Musky smells.

              Stones: Tiger's Eye, amethyst.

              Animals: Any of the Crow family (love em to bits), Frogs, Toads, pigeons.

              Likes: Doctor Who - anything Doctor Who. Good fiction, horror, sci fi, small gadgety things, erm..

              Allergies: Dust, Pollen.

              bathtub: Yes.

              Broom closet: Wide open, with small badges on the sleeve too.

              Fave Sabbats: Samhain, Yule.

              Shipping: Any

              My craft mediums: ... Clay, paper, paint.

              Motto: I aint bad, but I aint good.

              Plaything Extraordinaire


              • Here goes mine.. :D

                Name: Agnes

                Sex: Female

                Age: 23 yrs.

                Sun Sign: Aquarius

                Status: Single

                Fav colors: black, purple, gold, blue.

                Elements: Air and Water

                Fav scents: Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, thyme, blueberry.

                Bathtub: yes

                Animals: Dogs, Dragons, Horse

                Stones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone.

                Magikal likes: tarot, runes, all divinations, herbs, stones, candles, aroma oils, etc.

                Likes: I love all stuff related to faeries, angels, dragons, crystals, bath stuff, lush products, horror movies and books, dreamcatchers, scented pillows, etc. I love everything and am not at all fussy.

                Dislikes: soaps as I use only shower gels.

                Fav sabbats: Samhain, Yule.

                Shipping: Uk preferably, or else even US.


                • Sex: Gal, Dame, Skirt (that is, female)

                  Age: 35

                  Status: Married, and hooray!

                  Path: Solitary; Green Witch; dedicated to the Irish gods and New England in all its forms.

                  Favorite colors: Orange, yellow, green, and black

                  Gods/Goddesses: Great Queen Macha, Mannanan mac Lir, Brigid

                  Elements: Earth and Water

                  Scents: Jasmine, Rosemary, Lilac, Cinnamon, Orange, Vanilla.

                  Stones: Tiger's Eye, Moonstone, Amber, Jet, Bloodstone, Rose Quartz, Jasper... Really, all of them, now that I think of it!

                  Animals: Rabbits, Deer, Horses (mostly due to Macha's influence), Herons, Crows, Blue Jays, cats, dogs and actually I'm a sucker for all animals, birds, and sea life.

                  Likes: I like homemade/handmade stuff a lot! But not soap, cuz I still have a lot of homemade soap to go through.

                  Allergies: None.

                  bathtub: Yes.

                  Broom closet: Open to anyone who asks, but honestly, it just doesn't come up much.

                  Shipping: Any

                  My craft mediums: Words and jewelry, mostly.

                  Thanks to chrestomancie for bringing this organization to my attention!
                  Banner by me.

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                  • my profile at a glance

                    Log In: CJtarot

                    Name: Cj

                    Sex: Female

                    Age: 43 yrs.

                    Sun Sign: LEO

                    Status: Married w/ kids

                    Fav colors: Red, Maroon, Purple..deep rich colors

                    Elements: Earth and Fire

                    Fav scents: Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Musk, Earthy Scents

                    Bathtub: yes

                    Animals: Dog, fish and my babies..3 dumbo rats

                    Stones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moldavite

                    Magikal likes: tarot, all divinations, stones, candles, aroma oils, alter decorations..etc.

                    Likes: I like to read, collect Tarot decks, do crafts such as jewelry, polymer clay, sew.

                    Dislikes: not much I dislike..Know I can't use Incense cause of hubby & the kids..thats about it

                    Fav sabbats: Samhain, Lughnassa

                    Shipping: Pref. USA or Canada, but I have shipped other places
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                    • Exchange Profile:

                      Username: Autumn Clair
                      Location: Pennsylvania USA
                      Trade: I welcome all trades (even international) I keep a map of all the place I've received from!
                      Things I Collect: Postage stamps, atc size envies, ribbons, scrap papers all colors and textures, oriental items, beads, other languages on paper , message in the bottle notes, embellishments...........
                      Things I make: atc's, matchbox fills, journal pages, altered photo's, messages for message in the bottle trades, enchanted envy and 7 atc card, altered playing cards, pen and ink atc's, collages, 6 x 6 handmade journals and I sure there's more I just can't think of any right now!
                      Swaps I take part in: atc's collage, handdrawn, pen and ink, altered images/ journal pages,journals/ matchbox fills/ handmade journals/ message in the message envies/ handmade envy books/(I'm sure there's more)
                      Allergies: PLEASE NOTHING TO FRAGRENT strong smells really effect me.

                      Let me know if I need to add anything.

                      I trade so much my address is "The Post Office"
                      I enjoy trading atc's, collage pages, traveling journals, matchbox fills, pen pal letters, postcards and much more.............


                      • Sex: Female
                        Present Age: 47
                        Family: Mother and grandmother
                        Colors: Project/subject dependent with some preference for rich/earthy/mature/interference/iridescent colors rather than primary colors and pastels. I do appreciate jewel tones in culturally rich or highly stylized art.
                        Favorite Time of Day: Dawn, late evening, twilight, and night.
                        Sign: Triple Scorpio, Leo rising
                        Favorite Metals: Gold, copper, brass
                        Path: Eclectic with a wide array of multicultural, Neopagan, Pantheist, Druid, Wiccan, Buddhist and other influences; a strong focus on magic
                        God/Goddesses: Kali (earlier versions), Ganesha, Loki, Aphrodite (earlier versions). I don’t always anthropomorphize deities or the divine, however.
                        Favorited Art (Online Gallery):
                        Favorite Physical Activity: Belly dancing (ever so not into spectator sports)
                        Likes: Earthy/woodsy scents/designs, wisdoms/quotes, henna designs, textures, mythical creatures, things dimensional, things whimsical, trees, runes, moon, Pagan/OOAK beads, sculpture, labyrinths, tarot, caves, petroglyphs, cave art, architecture, mixed media, pluralism, multicultural influences/references, Art Nouveau, jewelry, triple aspects, ornate pents, Greenman/Greenwoman, things Irish/Celtic/Viking/Indian, dragons (I used to have dreams that I was this sassy little purple dragon)
                        Creative Hobbies: Bead and jewelry making; mixed media mosaics, sculpture, art
                        dolls, fabric arts, blogging. I prefer making my own designs to following directions/patterns of others.
                        Shipping: Prefer U.S. shipping
                        More Useful Facts: Autistic (pattern, tactile, visual thinker); scent sensitive – can’t tolerate strong aromatherapy products or most essential oils and intensely dislike like most manufactured floral/sweet scents; am on a super restricted diet for multiple reasons, so no edible crafts
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                        • Gender: Female

                          Path: Eclectic Witch, Celtic, Goddess path

                          God/Goddesses: Athena, Cailleach, Brigit, Sheela-na-gig, Sequana, Danu / Lugh, Apollon, Kernunos

                          Magickal Likes: Candles, Insence (escpecially resins), Mirrors, caldron, cups, Goddess figure...

                          Interests: Middle age and Celtic reconstruction and music, harp, crafts

                          pets : gold fish !

                          Shipping: prefer Europe

                          Bathtub: got no bath (only shower...), but I like home made soaps !

                          Fave Colors: Purple, Green, blue don't like grey and red

                          Favorite Scents: ciannamon, lavender, cedar... don't like mint and anis

                          Animals: owl, cat, frog

                          Elements: Water

                          Favorite Sabbats: beltaine, lughnasadh

                          Allergies: none

                          Vegitarian/Vegan: no

                          Crafts: glass painting, dry pastels