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Hey, does anybody else know how to spin?

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  • Hey, does anybody else know how to spin?

    You know, like they used to do before they had the machines of the 18th century on?(or was it the 19th century?)

    Anyways, with the spinning wheel, or the drop spindle, which has been around for ages.

    Tiana Ecarias

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    I spin, a little. I use a drop spindle. One Yule, I spun enough wool to knit socks for everyone for presents. Do you spin too?
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      As a teenager i learnt to spin both with a drop spindle and a wheel
      cant say that i was very good but didnt get lots practice either lol
      my wool used to be really knobby and either very thin or very thick - my sister who was teaching me said she got better with practice. i think she sold her wheel - i must ask her lol