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  • Gryffindor scarf

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me where i can get a pattern for a gryffindor scarf, from the harry potter movies. Thanx for any help!


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    Gryffindor scarf

    There's also an alternate version on the knitlist. Haven't knit one of these, so I can't vouch for accuracy or ease or anything. Good luck!
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    There is a Gospel According to Parrotheads!

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    I swear! It's the 1380 Wyclif translation.


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      The patterns look pretty straightforward. If you want to make it easier, cast on the 40 stitches and knit both the right and wrong side in a garter stitch. Alternate the colour blocks as they suggest. Bind off when you get to the desired length and attach the fringe.

      Last year I helped a friend make one out of polar fleece for her neice. We cut yellow and burgundy blocks & flat serged them together. The blocks were 5"x7" each. It was really easy & fast.
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        I've purchased one from a seller on eBay. Have gotten lots of compliments on it! My sisters saw it when I went home for Thanskgiving, now I have to find two more!

        Actually, I have already contacted the woman who made mine. If anyone is interested, her eBay ID is mtn-prims. She hand-knits the scarves.
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