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    So, for those of you who have undertaken complex sewing projects before, how hard do you think it would be to make a dress like one of these:

    I want to make my own dress for Irish dancing (because I just can't afford to buy my own - which is what I'd have to do!), but I'm a fairly inexperienced sewer and have no one offline to ask for help.

    Also, what advice would you give?


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    Depends on how elaborate you want the detailing to be. One thing you may want to look into is altering something you find at the thrift store or in a regular store. Looks the cost on those is because of all the detail-work.

    Would you have a pattern to work from? I've of the mindset that careful, slow, attention to instructions can enable just about anyone to sew just about anything.


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      Altering something from a thrift store is a good idea. Thanks for mentioning it!

      If I made something from scratch, I probably would have a pattern to work with, and I might even have a pattern custom-made to my measurements (I found a place that offers custom-sized Irish dance dress patterns). So I guess if I start now, in the few years it'll take me to qualify for the dress, I'll have it done...

      Thanks very much for your input!


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        If you want something like the blue and black one, then I strongly suggest you have someone make it for you. If you have that kind of detail hand sewn on, it will cost you a grand or more. I wouldn't sew it. You couldn't pay me enough, that edging requires a shit ton of work.

        The black and white would not be as difficult if you are an experienced seamstress.

        I know a costume maker who does custom work, I can ask her what she thinks she would charge for either, get you an email or website if you want. Only if you are serious though, she does amazing period work and is extremely busy.
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          Thanks for your input. I'm fairly experienced in embroidery, not so much in actual sewing, but I have basic skills. I'm willing to put in the effort to make a dress like that... anything to avoid having to pay the $2000-4000 these dresses typically cost.

          I won't need the dress for about ten months at least, probably closer to a year and a half. I appreciate your offer to ask the costume maker, but if I'm going to get a dress made by a professional, I'm probably going to give in and get a Irish dance dressmaker to make it for me. Thanks very much, though!


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            The embroidery was the least of my concerns. If you are that accomplished of a seastress I misunderstood the point of this thread. Sorry.
            Khara's Chaos