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  • Anyone making anything?

    Merry meet!

    Just wondered if anyone is making anything right now?

    I am trying to finish off a selection of knitted birds for a present and STILL have to complete the cross stitch map of Cyprus that I have been working on for YEARS - just all of the back stitching to do now

    So what has everyone else been doing?
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    I'm working on writing a devotional. I just moved out of my studio a couple weeks ago and am setting up at home, hoping to jump back into that soon.
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      I'm halfway through a feather incense fan. I'll be teaching a class on witches' ladders tomorrow. I just finished embellishing my mandolin case (pic attached). We've found the pedal to my mum's sewing machine so I hope to be making some costumes soon. I've been making loads of tinctures and herb infused oils. I'm working on embellishing my staff as soon as I work out how to move forward. Also, there's a shawl that I have made several times and still hate lol. Trying to work out how to make it so I don't hate it, lol.
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        Wow! That's really beautiful
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