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Patterns for a handbag?

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  • Patterns for a handbag?

    Merry Meet.

    I've been designing and making my own clothes for about a year now off and on, mainly t shirts and dresses, and I intend on making a lot more in the future. However I've never made a handbag, a friend of mine made her own and I'm wondering if you could direct me in the right direction as to where I could find a pattern for a small handbag with a zipper? Or perhaps just some tips? Advice? Or will I have to concoct my own creation? I'm sure I'm capable of it since I wanted something fairly simple but, I was hoping I could find something to help me out since it's my first time trying to make one.

    Thanks to everyone who responds to this thread!

    - Alex (Merryck)
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    One of my favorite handbags (and the one I got a lot of compliments on) was made out of a pair of my daughters jeans. I cut off the legs, sewed a zipper in the waist opening, and then sewed across the bottom where the legs had been. It had nifty pockets on the outside for my keys. I used the legs to make a shoulder strap. Have fun being creative.
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      oh yes, the blue jean bags are wonderful....
      Are you looking for something to sew on a sewing machine or to crochet or knit?

      Here's some links

      Better Home & Garden index

      Sewing resourse guide

      Search for patterns...

      another search...

      Hope this helps...

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        The best thing would be to go to thrift stores and find some you like and tear them apart. Pay attention to how it comes apart. This is how I have been able to make very ornate beaded things.
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