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    I am sorry if this is over done, but, I just made my own set yesterday. The wiring is a bit funky since this is my first time "wrapping" it, but it could have been worse and it's fully functional. Be gentle.

    The strand is made of Unakite. The end is missing a charm because I have yet to find a Brigid's Cross charm that isn't 20 bucks on it's on or somewhere in that neighborhood. I'd pay that for a pack of them, not just one. The wire is just plain old aluminum wire (18g). I'll make another one with sterling silver once I get good enough to not destroy a few pieces of it in the process. The charms are pewter. I don't know how much it cost me to make considering I bought everything it is made from in bulk for future projects or just making gifts.

    Anyway, there are 9 Unakite beads for 3x3. 9 is also a number that is sacred to me for a lot of other various reasons.

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    That's lovely, I would totally buy it!


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      I really like it! Cool and modest at the same time. Really the kind of jewelry that someone who appreciates it enjoys and people who wouldn't don't notice, which in my opinion is great!
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        I love it as well, it is personal yet meaningful. I would wear something like that as well, and I love the charm idea, I might use it in my own set of beads if you do not mind?


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          Thank you, all!

          Of course not! Feel free to use the charm idea.


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            Very cute!

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              Very nice!