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  • Horse HELL on earth


    I wish this bastard could be imprisoned for the rest of his life, with nothing but bread and water and little of that. Let him live in rags and sit in his own shit.

    Goes to show we have to be *very* careful in relocating animals... because no one is watching out for them.

    Anyway, energy/prayer request for the remaining victims as they try to recover or are humanely taken to the Rainbow Bridge.
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    Stooping to his level of cruelty hardly serves any purpose.
    I can only hope he has a long time to think about what he did.
    I say he should have to work for free at a rehab center helping animals through a prison volunteer program!
    Teach him to help those he hurt. Then, he may learn something.

    As for the horses, at least the survivors will now have a chance for a better life and the ones lost are out of a miserable life.


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      Originally posted by Shanti View Post
      Stooping to his level of cruelty hardly serves any purpose.
      I can only hope he has a long time to think about what he did.
      Momentarily stooping to someone else's level can be looked at from a vast variation of lesson learning perspectives at all of the right intervals.

      I believe in the conecpts of: " Eye for an Eye- tooth for a tooth", " What goes around comes back at you" and the ever popular: " For every action- there's a reaction- for every reaction- there's a cosnequence and for every consequence- someone pays an extremely heavy price."

      From my own standpoint regarding issues of cruelty- such measures desperately need applied and were they left in my hands to issue- I would make it a point to execute such in the name of justified reasoning along with the intensions of lesson teaching.

      Horses are virbrant animals and are sigificant to the various Natural Gods of my Lakota Sioux ancestors hailing from my belated Father's side of the family- I too love horses along with the beauty and spirit in which they bring to both humanity and nature and I especially appreciate the energies of freedom and unbreakable will that they so boldly exhibit. Truly exhilerating creatures and not to be mistreated nor taken lightly.

      "Our greatest conqeusts in life are those of waking from sleep every morning- living through out the day and doing both every day through out every season and year that come along as well as slowly pass with every hour."