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Energy for my sweet Charlotte

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  • Energy for my sweet Charlotte

    Ok, I am a little worried...
    Charlotte the Shep/Chow (or Shepow if you must) is 9 months old.
    2 weeks ago while chasing her cat, Toulouse, she slipped and crashed into the wall. The cat picks the speed for games of chase and is never in danger - they like to bounce eachother. She never yelped, but was a little sore.

    Since then she is intermittently limping - switches sides of her back legs.

    Because she is switching sides I don't feel it is tendon or even in the leg for that matter. Most likely she mialigned her pelvis or hip - or even tail head. Her hock articulation is still good - so based on that I've ruled out crutiate tear which in a shep cross would be most common. I was a vet tech and saw alot of crutiate tears.

    I've given her 2 weeks to allow swelling to reduce and she is still intermittantly limping. Other than the limp she is showing no signs of discomfort, but it could be her Chow side showing through (stoic furry monkeys all of them!).

    I spoke with my horses' Chriopractor (also a vet) who although she no longer practices on small animals will treat Charlotte on Monday (We Love you Dr B!) I've been her longtime client and for me she will see Char.

    Please send her calm and or healing energies that whatever she did isn't too terrible and that the good doctor can easily patch up whatever Char popped out...

    "Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."
    — Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

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    Sending furry healing, and hoping that Charlotte gets well... furry hugs.
    A witch is for life, not just for Samhain...


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      sending healing energy
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