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Thoughts for my sick kitty

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  • Thoughts for my sick kitty

    Thursday, I thought I saw an odd pee ball in the litterbox. I decided to watch and see if anyone was acting odd. With three adult cats, it could be something, or nothing.

    Yesterday morning there was pee and two dots of blood outside the box. Still no idea who, and no odd behaviors.

    Due to me having acid reflux at 4 this morning, I caught the kitty peeing outside the box. I had put paper towels down, so had a good pee sample. As soon as the vet opened we called. He didn't have a fever, but his sample showed some bad results. They gave him an antibiotic shot.

    Poor clingy child, he has cried a lot this afternoon which is unusual for him.

    As for the other two cats, and the older adult dog, they are mostly ignoring him.
    Better Days,

    Sun Sprite

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    I send along my thoughts and prayers for your kitty and hopes that they will feel better very soon.

    As for the other animals ignoring the other not so well pet- cats run together in prides and dogs run together in packs and sometimes both pride and pack animals have a tendency to avoid the sickly or the not so well until they either recover from their bouts and or pass which ever comes first. It's a survival of the fittest measure and more often than not- the sickly are left behind in order to preserve the stronger members of the pack and or pride.

    Domestic prides and packs are the same way. I would tend to say that until your sick kitty recovers from their round- spend as much time with them as you can and lavish them with your love and hopefully your other animals will take a bit of notice and come around. If they don't- it's all good- there is always the future forthcoming when it comes to teaching and lowering overly high pack / pride statures.

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      Poor thing. I hope he gets well ASAP!

      Was it a UTI? Male cats have a higher risk of urine crystals, which can lead to serious issues if not dealt with.


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        and energy sent
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          Hopefully it was just a UTI, or something similar. The antibiotics and good thoughts seemed to have helped. He is almost back to his usual self.

          I was concerned about the crystals too, his symptoms didn't quite fit that. I sure hope they never do, though I need to have the information on what to do if it does happen. I remember it includes a diet change. Not sure we can do a diet change here without sending the poor cat to a new home. We have the female cat, and the two boys, on the only food she can eat without constant vomiting.
          Better Days,

          Sun Sprite