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Getting goaties. Mending a broken heart.

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  • Getting goaties. Mending a broken heart.

    I used to breed goats for milk, meat and fiber. I got out of it. Costly and a pain and I like mutton better. :mmm: I have my sheep and am very happy.
    my daughter, she is 13, she loved having goats but she is the quiet type and doesn't express herself much.
    I didn't know how much she liked having goats till recently, when she finally told me, it really hurt when the last of the goats were sold, last year!
    She kept her hurt inside all year!
    After a long talk about letting people know how you feel so things dont go bad, we held each other and cried.

    I felt so bad for her especially when she takes excellent care of her animals. She raises Angora rabbits for fiber and food. She always has at least a dozen bunnies to tend to. In summer during breeding she has 30-50 buns to raise.
    She manages them all effortlessly. She enjoys the work. She helps whenever she is needed for any of the animals.

    So here I have a kid thats great with her charges and she has been hurting for a year missing goats.

    I told her we would look for a pair of pygmies for pets. Not for breeding. She doesnt want to breed anymore than I do. She just wants a pair of goats to have for her own, that won't be eaten or sold, that she can love.

    So I began keeping an eye out.

    We found 2!
    Brother and sister, 4-5 months old. The boy is a wether (fixed) so they are perfect!
    My daughter fell in love when she saw their pics. So right now my mate and daughter are on their way to go get 2 baby goats.
    My daughter is all smiles. I feel good filling that hole in her heart.
    I am glad i could make it up to her. I just hope she learns to tell people how she feels. She has always been very shy and reserved.

    Oh, the lady that has the goats is moving and cant them with her. So we are taking them.

    So here are pics.
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    ZOMG! I LOVE goats, and these two are just precious.


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      They are beautiful! I am glad she finally told you. As much as it hurts knowing your child was saddened by selling the goats, know that you are doing a good thing by filling the hole that was left. You are showing her how good it can be when she speaks her heart. That's an awesome lesson. Also, you are showing her that her feelings matter to YOU. If she had any doubt, you changed that. I was a kid much like she sounds. I still have heartache over some things from childhood that I never shared. I'm glad she is learning now instead of wasting years like I did.

      We hope to move to Delaware in the next year. When we get there I really want a few goats. I love them. I look forward to seeing pics of yours as they grow. I always enjoyed your older threads about goats.
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        So wonderful Shanti!! All around great job! And those goats look sooo cute!

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          Thanks both of you and the sharing Gebs. ~hugs~

          One of the things she told me during our talk is she didnt want to upset me because she knew I didnt want goats anymore. That cut right into me. She is too young to be sacrificial. Ya know?
          I told her just because I dont share her love of goats doesn't mean I wouldn't want her to have her joy. Omg, I was so sad for her.
          She thought of me before herself. Thats beautiful but not necessary.
          It was that point in our conversation when I just grabbed her and hugged her and cried like a baby, so proud yet so sad for her too. My heart just broke.

          I love her. The last thing I would want to do is take something she doesn't deserve to loose away from her. Its not a burden for us to have 2 mini goats. Heck we can mange that. I am glad she did finally open up.

          My view on goats, I will definitely like them more knowing how much she loves them. I cant wait to show her that I care about her goats, her loves.
          As weird as it sounds, when it comes to these 2 little goats, I want my daughter to be proud of me and have the knowing that her feelings matter very, very, much to me.
          I also cant wait to see her have her own goats she knows wont be eaten.

          She likes goat meat too, but she would rather have them in pasture than on her plate. She said we can buy other goats for butcher, just not hers.
          And that we sure can do!!!!

          Heck we have a pet rooster that none of us would eat. He is the goofiest, cutest, roo. We eat the others, but not Notoes.

          Ok he is called Notoes because he doesnt have any toes. When he was about butcher age he got out of the chicken run and found an open empty old dog kennel to sleep in for the night. It had a plastic bottom and since it wasnt being used no hay or bedding was in it. Well, during the night he got a bad case of frost bite on all his toes. Frost bite usually causes a chicken to sloth of the damaged part but his toes were bad. We figured he would die but we all wanted to try to save him. We all felt bad for the guy.
          Even food critters are well cared for.
          So we did save him but he lost all his toes.
          Fast forward to 3 years later and he has run of the property and can pretty much do as he pleases. We spoil him rotten and he loves Doritos. :toofless:

          So yes my dear daughter you can have your pets goats. :uhhuhuh:


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            Those goats are too cute! im glad she spoke up and you were able to find such a perfect pair. :D


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              Awwwwww, now I want goats!
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                Shanti, reading your post makes me feel warm. Isn't being a parent the most wonderful thing in the world?

                Aww, Notoes sounds awesome. I have to admit I never met a rooster I liked but that's because the one we had was such a mean punk. He traumatized me He chased me every time I went outside. Sure, I was bigger and stronger but he was so mean! It's funny how kids view things. It makes no sense now.
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                  Originally posted by EavanStar View Post
                  Those goats are too cute! im glad she spoke up and you were able to find such a perfect pair. :D
                  That had me worried, finding the perfect pair.
                  Goats have to be in at least a pair. They herd instinct is strong and one alone would just wither away.
                  Finding doelings, not easy at all and usually expensive.
                  She didnt want 2 wethers, an easier find but not that easy, because she wanted at least one girl.

                  Whats most available is adults. And with them they either were used for breeding or are bred or never should of been bred. We wanted pets not bred out goats.
                  Intact males are often given away. No thanks. I never want an intact buck. No more with the peeing all over itself, including the face, yes bucks pee on their faces and even taste their own pee, to attract a doe. Yuk. They are nasty. No humping and trying to love the human either. Yuk again.

                  So to find 2 affordable goats, one had to be a doeling, was going to be a battle.
                  Then I happened on this lady that doesn't live to far from us and when she told me the boy was wether, hotdog! Score!!! A doeling and a wether and cute and never bred and young still? Perfect and inexpensive. 125 for both. Thats a good reasonable price for her goats. Sure beats all the other pygmies available right now, 150 each, mostly breeders, not fixed and not babies. Virgin babies/young ones they want more for.
                  Or you got really cheap ones out there and in need of vet care. Dont want to walk down that road. Been there done that. It has to much hurt attached.

                  I think we were lucky.
                  I always say if its meant to be it will happen.
                  The girl was meant to have her goaties.


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                    Oh Shanti, your posts made my eyes well up with tears. So sweet and sad and happy and beautiful.

                    The goats are cute, too!
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                      Originally posted by GEBS View Post
                      Shanti, reading your post makes me feel warm. Isn't being a parent the most wonderful thing in the world?

                      Aww, Notoes sounds awesome. I have to admit I never met a rooster I liked but that's because the one we had was such a mean punk. He traumatized me He chased me every time I went outside. Sure, I was bigger and stronger but he was so mean! It's funny how kids view things. It makes no sense now.
                      Being a parents is the hardest best thing!! LOL

                      We have a mean roo. Notoeses watch roo. Notoes cant defend himself against predators so I kept one mean roo that bonded with Notoes. Why he binded with Notoes instead of a lady, I have no clue.He doesnt have a name. He is mean and chases all of us. We have to wack him back with a stick and we always watch our backs when we are outside. He loves to come from behind and jump at you. Nasty mean roo. He bites and uses those spurs. The dogs too keep him away from the people and we usually have a dog with us. Meany sees a dog and he walks away.
                      But I want him mean. He has actually beat the heck out of a big coon and the coon ended up running away!!! If it wasnt for that mean roo, Notoes would of been dead.
                      So he earns his keep for being Notoes watch roo.
                      He is the only bird we have had that beat an adult coon. Even our 15-20 pound Muscovy ducks fell under the coons jaws. Hence, we have no more ducks. But that one roo is brave or stupid enough to take and beat a big old coon!
                      You should of seen that coon run with the roo chasing it. The roo chased it all the way back to the marsh. I watched the whole thing through the window. At first I was OMG the roo is going to be killed. Then I started laughing my arse off when I saw that roo go truly bazerk. It was awesome. :bigredgri


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                        My mate just called on his cell. He and my daughter just got there. It took awhile because my mate had to go to another town to get a tire fixed.
                        So they just got there.
                        I wish I was there with them but I had to stay home with the puppy and son.
                        I don't want to traumatize the puppy suddenly leaving him alone for several hours. We haven't even had him a month yet.
                        Plus my 10 yr old son is not like his sister. LOL
                        He would get right into everything and honestly push her out of her moment.
                        He is far from shy or quiet. LOL
                        This is her time. I think she needs it too.
                        She is in charge of looking them over and everything. She knows how and what to look for so she knows they are healthy.
                        A grown up time for her. :D


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                          Shanti that is a wonderful thing you are doing for your daughter!

                          And the goaties are so adorable!!!!! I just want to hug them and squeeze them and love them and......well you get the idea!
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                            Totally going nuts. Its a 45 minutes drive home but I dont know how long they will be at the lady's place.
                            I'm watching the clock, waiting for either a phone call or for them to pull up in the driveway.
                            I should of told my mate to call when they leave so I could time them and get more nervous.

                            I have no clue why I'm a wreck. LOL
                            I just cant wait for them to get home so I can help my daughter get her goaties all set up for the night. I hope its all really good sharing for her and I and our son. I wouldnt want him to feel left out.
                            He can help me set up fresh hay in the shelters and feeding wracks.
                            I know my daughter will be with her new friends doing the cuddle and talking thing. She talks a lot to animals.

                            Gosh I hope they get home soon. Waiting is insane sometimes. LOL
                            And the net is getting boring and doing so much for killing that time.
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                              There home. We set up the goats in my daughters rabbitry so she can live with them. LOL I know she will be there in her most every waking moment.

                              They are, squeeeeel, so cute. Tiny too. 14 inches tall if that. They look younger than 4-5 months.

                              They are shy so my daughter has her work cut out winning their confidence.
                              But she has worked miracles in that department with adult goats even so these wee babies I think she will have eating out of her hand in no time. She got them both to stand still for a little petting. I tried to pet them and they ran from me. It took her to get them settled enough to let the giant human approach. She has that touch with critters.

                              The cats outside, including wondering strays, follow her around when she goes out for walks. It reminds me of the pied piper when I see that. They follow behind her in line. LOL Its really kinda weird.

                              So the are bedded down for the night and all is very happy.