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Lambing at the end of March, twins?

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  • Lambing at the end of March, twins?

    Just wanted to share.
    My ewes are due to lamb at the end of March.
    My Dixie isnt showing yet so I cant be sure she took. Thats common with first timers, they wait till the last few weeks before its obvious.

    My Daisy, wow. She is huge and has an udder already!!
    For a first timer she shouldnt have an udder till she is ready to drop.
    From the looks and feel I swear and hope she has at least twins.
    Its always easier for a first timer to birth multiples cause the lambs are smaller. Plus I want at least one ewe for a keeper. I am hoping for 2 ewes, one from Dixie and one from Daisy.

    Any rams, dinner.

    I cant wait to find out what she has. Cotswold often have multiples.

    I hope Dixie will have a lamb. I would hate to see her left out. Daisy is her buddy but when she has her lamb/s that will change a little.

    So stay tuned. One more month to go.
    I love having lambs.
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    Sounds exciting! XD

    Thanks for keeping us posted!
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      I hope both of them have lambs this year, and all are healthy!
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        Cool! Can't waite to see!
        We are all just visitors to this earth!

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          We had a first timer last year bag up ENORMOUSLY and then drop one big, huge lamb that needed a bit of assistance on the way out. It was totally weird. Then this year, that same ewe, looked like she might not have settled...then whammo, two little lambs on the ground. They LOVE to keep you guessing!

          Hoping the best for all the little sheepies!

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            Dixie Uddered up!!!!
            Both girls are lambing this year!!!
            3 more weeks to go! :D

            Must get camera ready. :D


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              That's great news Shanti!! I'm so glad both Daisy and Dixie are lambing together!!
              "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." - Stephen King.

              "If a book has my name on it, I wrote it. Every word of it." ~Nora Roberts.


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                Dixie lambed. She had 2. One is white the other is black/white.
                They are only minutes old. All went perfect.
                I'll start a new thread for them after I get pics later.
                Dont know the sex. Letting mom have time to clean them and bond with them.


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                  The while lamb is a ewe, a keeper.
                  The Spotted lamb is a ram, mutton in the future.

                  I'll get pics of the ewe lamb later today.