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Does anyone else's cat rub all over weight equipment??

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  • Does anyone else's cat rub all over weight equipment??

    Haha, my cat has decided that she loves to rub all over my rubber coated dumbell. I have no idea why. I mean, it's like catnip, the way she gets all excited about it! Her eyes get huge, and she rolls all over it, and near as I can tell, it's because she just likes teh smell of the rubber. Anyone else's cat do weird things like this with random objects? =) Share goofy kitty stories!
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      I had to be very careful with photographs, my cat loved to lick them! And he thought that he loved bannana! He came running when I had a bannana and act as if he would die if he didn't get some. So, I would let him smell it and he would look at me like "eww, this is what I got all excited about?! He was an awesome cat, I feel he was a soul mate. I miss him.
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        I don't have any weight equipment in my house, but both of my cats love my computer, especially the fluffy one, Noelle.

        Long fur and computer innards do NOT mix...
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          My old cat liked to lick my hair and floor and bedsheets and pretty much anything else. It always tickled when he did it to my arm or feet.
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            Originally posted by EponaCapaill View Post
            I had to be very careful with photographs, my cat loved to lick them!
            I had a cat who loved to lick photos as well. I read somewhere that there's something in the development chemicals that tastes good to them. I'll take it as a good reason to be thankful for the digital age.
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