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Been Having a Problem With Kid Not Doing School Work

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  • Been Having a Problem With Kid Not Doing School Work

    Funny thing is, she is usually a very good little student, and this problem has started cropping up recently. My grandmother suggested i start going to class with her, my problem is i've become sort of a nag when it comes to getting her to do other things, like getting ready on time, and not goofing around on school mornings and i'd do more harm then good in disrupting the class.

    any suggestions from experienced parents please?
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    So, to preface this, I understand that this is 4 years old, buuuuut....

    When my first son started kindergarten, he took to homework very well. He did it at the kitchen table, his little brother working beside him on activity books, and got it done fairly fast. Towards the middle of the year, it turned into such a constant struggle. He would dawdle, play around, cry, pout, have meltdowns about how it was too hard, he was too dumb, and so on.

    We tried everything, it seems. We got him his own desk in the library, we let him do it at the table, we made him do it as soon as he walked in the door, we let him wait: after a snack, after he got to play a bit, after dinner, before bed, before/after his shower. We sat with him, we left him alone, we took away toys and privileges, we tried to bribe him.

    It felt like nothing worked, we ended up crying as much as he was lol.

    I don't know what actually triggered the change, but slowly he got back into the habit of doing it. I think it was a combination of not being in a routine (his father and I worked weird shifts) and getting stressed out, as well as just a burn out that most people experience mid year. After a month or two of trouble, he became eager again and we haven't had a real problem with homework since.

    He's currently in 2nd grade, and the only thing is he'll still occasionally drag his 15 (give or take) minutes of homework into an hour or more because he wants to talk about everything and he can't focus. However, since the homework all gets set home on Monday and is due on Friday, he'll usually do two days worth at a time, and have a homework free day/make up day (if he dawdles).
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