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Humidifier for baby?

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  • Humidifier for baby?

    Anyone using Humidifier for baby?, Thinking of getting one unit. DO u think humidifier helps baby to sleep well? My baby always seems to have blocked nasal hence making him breathing not smooth. Do you think a humidifier helps? Thinking of getting Osim uMist Baby which in promotion now which cost RM188

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    See and see the forum there. When DD was baby I never had humidifier but for humidity I did keep bowls of fresh water with in each bowl 1 drop lavender e.o. all over the house. Refreshing bowls twice to thrice a week. See some medical care GP or baby nurse maybe might be allergies or something else. Best be safe and have baby checked.


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      We bought one when my sweetie was sick. I’ve read many articles and there were mentioned that the humidity level of 50–70% and the air temperature of 65-68F can simplify recovery when your baby is sick.
      On forums like I've read that baby humidifiers can also help if your little one can't sleep well. I think it is the same thing with the humidity level. For its' maintenance you can buy one (we bought Vicks because we wanted a warm mist humidifier but also there are cool mist models).