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    Gah! I am by no means against shopping (I love thrift stores, I love browsing the mall, and I love deals) but I have done something I have been resisting for the past 8 months: an actual maternity store. *shudder*

    With my first kiddo, my mother bought me a bunch of stuff, and while I knew it was pretty expensive, I didn't know just how much. Additionally, I didn't have a job when I actually started gaining weight, and could wear baggy clothes, and sweatpants for quite awhile. I also was able to wear the majority of my clothes until the last few weeks, minus my jeans and bra. With the second kiddo, I rewore some of the maternity clothes and whatever clothes I fit, and the occasional thrift store/on sale items.

    This time around though, I have to wear "business casual" five days a week, which isn't that bad because I can find some pretty great stuff at goodwill and other stores for super cheap. I managed to stay in the same pants until about 6 months, but then I had to get some more. I went to Ross's, which is pretty great because their maternity pants are usually less than 10 bucks, and their shirts average 6-9 dollars. Unfortunately, their pants are mostly leggings or boot cut style, which don't always work so well with swollen ankles. They also tended to shrink even in cold water and air dry after a few months.

    But the biggest reason I actually went to the maternity store was because my bras were so ill-fitting that I swear I was wearing a corset, and it was affecting my breathing and causing back pain.

    One pair of pants and 4 bras (they had a buy 3, get one free deal) was just a bit shy of $150. But! Those bras will serve me until after the baby comes, and the pants will keep me presentable at work for the next few months (because I'm sick of my pants looking like capris on my legs because of shrink+thick calves). And I'm glad that I was able to push this visit until late month 8th.

    However, I have felt pretty stylish this pregnancy, which is really saying something since I have social anxiety, usually in relation to my clothing, and I am usually a jean and tank top kind of girl.
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