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Homeschool to college prep?

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  • Homeschool to college prep?

    My husband and I decided that when the time comes, we want our youngsters to go to a private school. We found one nearby that we like (secular) that is 6-12 (or 9-12 boarding.) Of course...till they are in 6th grade, we agreed to homeschool them likely in some sort of umbrella curriculum. I was wondering if anyone has went homeschool to college prep/regular school? How was it?

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    As long as you use a good curriculum it should be fine. If the curriculum is poor (like that garbage that teaches that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, Nessie is real, the KKK aren't bad gents, and nobody knows where electricity comes from...), or if you use a tutor and the tutor half-asses it, that's where you get problems. But if you keep really high standards for your kids, you can actually make sure that they're better prepared than they would be attending regular school. It's also vitally important that you find avenues for them to socialize with other kids, like sports or karate or something.

    A friend of mine was homeschooled for a couple of years of high school, and when he had to go back to regular school, he dropped out. He had a really lazy, lax tutor who would let him skive off with no repercussions and pass him even when he did shoddy work. At the time, he thought his tutor was the best guy in the world, but he kind of feels screwed over by it in retrospect. He wound up getting his GED in night school when he was 20, attended some college. He turned out okay, just not on schedule, you know? But you should watch out for things like that. Unless your kids can easily pass any state exams, then the curriculum isn't good enough, or the tutors aren't strict enough, or your standards aren't high enough. And you really gotta watch that.


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      Why not?) I know what it is like to prepare many applications at once; it does take much time and effort. Well, I have to confess a sin, I did use a writing service (this one, if anyone’s interested ) in order to do one of the essays, but spent a lot of time to prepare the rest of it myself. It does seem challenging at first (and later too), but when you really put your mind into it, it will go smoothly. Good luck to you with your applications!