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  • What are you wearing today?

    Havn't seen one of these up here yet.

    Today I am wearing...a black lacey dress, thigh high stockings that are mistmatching. One is lace the other fishnet with a red bow. Purple eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. Plain lipring and red eyebrow barbell.

    I feel pretty today.

    Your turn.

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    I am wearing a soft, crimson v-neck sweater and a long, peasant-style crimson skirt. I'm barefoot, have my long hair back in a ponytail and am wearing no makeup, since I am just having a mellow night in. Oh, and my wedding ring. :D!/Kristle.Benton

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      Blue jeans with a heather gray T-shirt with a skull & cross-swords on it. Kinda piratey. Oh, and bright red suede Vans sneakers. Black eyeliner, blue-framed glasses. Black, short hair parted to the side with two black clips on the sides. Ya.
      That's about it. :hahugh: I feel cute today.

      "Home is behind, the world ahead,
      And there are many paths to tread
      Through shadows to the edge of night,
      Until the stars are all alight."
      J.R.R. Tolkien


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        Pair of stone washed blue jeans, my favorite t-shirt and a SOOOFT gray sweater. I just cut my hair and have the second day shadow going on the face, I'll shave tomorrow though. Feeling pretty laid back

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          sweet F . A LOL

          nah im wearing my usual style of black clothes,bare footed,have on a few thousand necklaces includuing my pentacle and bracelets,lol and scragged back into my usual style of
          -i -cant-be-bothered-to-anything-with-it, my reading glasses halfway down my nose and a pen in my teeth, a big fat grin and um....i think im done


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            Black jeans with a black belt, black teeshirt (with a black sweatshirt over it between hot flashes), black socks, black boots and, just to keep the black thing going, black nail polish. hehehe My underwear is black too. What can I say? I'm on a roll.....
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              jeans, red polo shirt, red plaid Vans and my Dimebag tribute ball cap
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                I am wearing a black Korn t-shirt and black shorts.


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                  I'm wearing a pair of really comfortable purple shorts and a black tank top, it's so hot and I've been cleaning off an on so it was needed.

                  I'm a bum,lol.
                  Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.-Cherokee proverb


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                    Hot pink t-shirt, pajama bottoms, and faux suede comfy slippers. My hair is pulled back and no make-up. I know, I know, I'm not in the least bit sexy right now, oh well, I've spent all day working on a presentation due on Tuesday.....

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                      I'm wearing blue jeans and a heather grey tshirt with paint splatters on everything. I've got a faded plum hair dye that's looking kinda auburn lately and that just sweeps my shoulders.
                      (I've been doing art stuff so I'm not dressed decently atm.)
                      Each man performs his service to the Holy according to what he is, not according to what he is not; after all, the sacrifice must not surpass the proper measure of the worshiper. - Iamblichus


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                        Sweat pants, sweat shirt (both dark gray) and gray woolen socks. I'm comfortable and warm even if I won't win a best dressed contest. : P

                        It is only by losing oneself that one finds one's way.

                        Wandering randomly,
                        I know not what I seek.
                        In my madness,
                        I know not where I go.
                        The wanderer, in his perplexity.
                        Observes the unexpected.

                        -Vast Obscurity,
                        from the works of Chuang Tzu


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                          A budweiser tshirt and hot pants. I'm going for the tacky but comfortable look. :P
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                            Clothes are for the weak. Unfortunately I'm fully clothed. Black pants, gray t-shirt, and black boxers with stripes.
                            "Oh yeah, well quote this!"

                            (> <)

                            First person to notice this text doesn't win a prize.


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                              Old Navy jeans, O.N. brown long sleeve pullover, O.N. Hoodie, light gray with the sewn in words, "Carlsbad Eagles", ankle high socks, five o'clock shadow, a wee bit of dribble just beneath the letter "A" in "Eagles" from tonights dinner. I think it's the salad dressing.