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    Alright homesteaders and travelers alike, looking for a cheap (free!) place to stay all over the world with people who 'get' you?


    Looking to have the world come to your doorstep for dinner and a bed?

    Become a Pagan Open House Host or Homestayer!

    Sign up here. In the format below.

    (Just a reminder, you aren't by signing up agreeing to host anyone. You are just lodging your theoretical willingness. All arrangements between hosts and homestayers should be made via pm or email. NOT HERE! )

    Where We Are




    Distance from an airport:

    Things to do and see locally:

    Who We Can Accomodate





    Childen Under 10:

    Childen Over 10:



    RVs and campsites:

    Other Things We Can Offer a Traveller

    Camping Equipment:


    Other Stuff:

    Our House Rules

    Duration of Stay

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    Oooooh as someone who likes to spend her summers wandering North America in my RV this sounds like a brilliant idea. Right now I'm moving, so I can't make any offers for people to homestay with me yet, but once I have a better idea of the situation at the new place I will let ya know.

    One more thing for the list: Is RV parking available? As in a big driveway, concrete pad or lots of hard packed dirt. Also if there space to set up a tent/campsite.
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      Where We Are


      State/Provence:[New South Wales

      Setting: Rural

      Distance from an airport: About 40 miles. pick up/drop off available

      Things to do and see locally:
      Tons of wildlife: kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, etc roam our farm. Emu and koalas are local too.
      Canberra, the Australian Capital is 40 miles North of us.
      Sydney is 3 hours easy drive North.
      South of us is great skiing in the North Hemisphere summer (our winter)!
      We are in cool season wine country.
      VERY bike friendly area.
      The Snowy Moutains are 1 hour South.
      The beach is 3 hours East.
      Lots of hiking trails and horse riding on our farm and in adjacent parklands

      Who We Can Accomodate

      Up to 6 indoors after July. More if they are willing to camp

      Vegetarians: Yes

      Vegans:Yes, if you are nice to us and don't get upset if other people eat meat around you

      Carnivores: Sure, we cook about half and half

      Childen Under 10: Sure, as long as they know how to interact with animals

      Childen Over 10:]Sure, again, as long as they treat our animals kindly.

      Pets: Sure, if you can get them through customs, and they are nice to small children

      Smokers:Sure, If you smoke outside and don't leave your butts around.

      RVs and Campers Sure, but you can't pump at our house, our spetic system can't handle any chemicals

      Other Things We Can Offer a Traveller

      Camping Equipment:

      Transportation: We travel into Canberra daily, so you can hitch a ride usually

      Other Stuff: If we like you a lot, we may take you for a weekend camping at our bush camp in a very inaccessable part of our property (ala Crocadile Dundee... without the crocodiles... too cold for them where we are)

      If you want space and privacy for a private ritual. We can provide that.

      A guest house with its own kitchen and bathroom.

      Our House Rules (and things you might want to know about us)

      NOTHING illegal is to be brought through our gate. We may be low-key hippies, but we have small children.

      We drink moderately.

      Like most farmers, we go to bed and rise with the sun. If you are a loud late night person, you will annoy us very much.

      Our water source is very restricted (it all comes off our roof!), quick showers are the norm. Don't ask to do a mountain of laundry at our house unless its been raining for a week.

      We own and use firearms. We are VERY responsible with them (they are locked all the times in accordance with our state and local laws) NO ONE may touch them.

      Our farm is a working farm, that means sometimes we are butchering animals.

      RESPECT is the watch word around our house, and that includes towards all our animals. Yes, we might be having them for supper, but until (and at) an animal's quick death we treat them with kindness and compassion.

      Duration of Stay We are pretty flexible but have a constant stream of house guests, so it reallly depends on how you work in with our other plans for our guest house and how easy going and helpful a guest you are. If you are camping and kicking in a bit for food and we like you.... in theory... you could stay an aweful long time.
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        This is an awesome idea!
        Gone to find myself... no clue where to look...


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          Tanya, would you adopt me? I know my way around a farm :fpraise:
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            Where We Are

            Country: USA

            State/Provence: Tulsa, Oklahoma

            Setting: City

            Distance from an airport: 5 Miles-- can pick up/drop off-- Tulsa International is the airport...

            Things to do and see locally: not much... a few "famous people" landmarks, great food.... Our zoo was voted "americas favorite zoo" last year, we have a small aquarium... things like that...

            Who We Can Accomodate

            Number: Flexible--- probably not more than 4- depending on age...

            Vegetarians: yup- we eat meat, but we could definatly go back to being veggie for a while...



            Childen Under 10: preferrably not, unless "well behaved" -- must get along with animals

            Childen Over 10: sure

            Pets: depends on what it is, if it gets thru customs, gets along with the other animals here...

            Smokers: prefferably not-- sick child can't be around the smoke-- you'd have to go outside and keep my yard clean.

            RVs and campsites: I have a large drive way that could handle an RV

            Other Things We Can Offer a Traveller

            Camping Equipment: yup- I can loan my tent...

            Transportation: I can drive you around...

            Other Stuff: food- with a little help, laundry, etc...

            Our House Rules:
            We have snakes, dogs, lizards, ferrets, cats, birds, turtles, and everything in between--- we ask that you don't touch the reptiles or open thier cages without permission- there are animals here with pricetags of upwards of several thousand... I'd prefer that they remain in thier secure cages unless i'm the one getting them out--- yha know...
            We are late nite people, but we like our house to be clean, bathe daily, etc...

            Basic common courtesy stuff... Not terribly picky-- just like a tidy house..

            Let's eat, Grandpa!
            Let's eat Grandpa!
            ~Punctuation! It saves Lives!!!

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              This is a wonderful idea Tanya!!:uhhuhuh: I am already a member of which is similar so you might wanna check that everyone. But of course staying with Pagans is way better.^_^

              Where I am

              Country: Greece

              State/Provence: Athens,Attiki

              Setting: Big City

              Distance from an airport: Around half an hour by metro. The Airport is kinda outside the city.

              Things to do and see locally:
              My house is in the centre.Minutes away from the metro and bus stations.

              Akropolis and the Parthenon
              Sounion Cape with the temple of Poseidon
              The National Gardens
              The Mars Hill
              Hardrian's Arch,
              And in general many archeological sites and temples.

              Delphi is 3h away by bus.
              A few greek islands are very close by ferry to Athens.
              During the summer there is a theatre festival going on in Epidavros,ancient most well-preserved theatre, which includes ancient tragedies and comedies.

              Apart from the basic touristic and archeological things to see and do you can experience the greek culture through the people and the way they live and have fun. We can go shopping,eat traditional greek food,walk around the city,go to concerts or lives etc

              Who We Can Accomodate

              Number: 2,more if they have sleeping bags.

              Vegetarians: Yes.

              Vegans: Yes,as long as they are respectful of my eating habits.

              Carnivores: Yes.

              Childen Under 10: Yes,if it is necessary and they get along with animals.

              Childen Over 10: Yes,same as above.

              Pets: No.

              Smokers: Sure.I am a smoker myself so no worries.

              RVs and campsites:

              Other Things We Can Offer a Traveller

              Camping Equipment: No.

              Transportation: Don't have a drivers license or car yet,i am working on that.But the public transportation is very practical and easy to use!

              Other Stuff: -

              My House Rules
              I don't have set rules besides the ones that are already obvious.A traveller and guest should first of all be respectful of me and my cat,help around the house,be flexible and also willing to be independent around the city in case i have other responsibilities. (will edit more)

              We might wanna edit a section about how long we are prepared to host someone.
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                just a clarification.... you are not agreeing to tour guide people.... so don't feel you need to.

                and yes Sky,, great idea....about duration.
                I will add it in
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