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  • A Basement bedroom

    I am really excited My daughter Cleo's Birthday is coming up in late April and I was thinking of doing something different for her this year since she is going to be 11. I was going to get her a new school desk. However since There is two bedrooms up stairs that the kids use. And I think it is time the two younger ones had their own room again and as a result I thought it was time she had her own room in the basement. I know she is at that age where she wants her privacy and her two younger siblings are driving her to the point of insanity so ya I think this will work out fine.

    So what I have planned is making a new bed set for her with a dolphin theme. And I know exactly what print I am getting for that I will be covering the cement walls with some heavy fabric and then paint an underwater scene with dolphins and jelly fish since those are two of her favorite underwater creatures. I will be re-upholstering one of our chairs in the living room so she can use it down there since it is hardly in use up stairs. And for her clothes get a stand up closet and a book shelf that she could use one part for her books and the other part her clothes or whatever else she needs it for.

    So not bad for 10 minutes worth of planning :D Now it is just a case of which end of the basement we will use the end and a way I can go :D

    If anyone has any other suggestions I sure would love to hear them

    ETA: I will also be getting her some type of rug for the basement floor to.
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    Sounds cool. Make sure though that she knows how to get out of the basement window in case of a fire and the stairs are blocked. I had a friend who's dad almost died from that in the past.


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      We have only ever really used the upper two floors so far and practiced fire drills for those floors. So yes thank for that suggestion.
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        I had a basement bedroom when I was young and really liked it. The only problem I ever had was that it was prone to bugs.

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          I had a basement bedroom when I was young and really liked it. The only problem I ever had was that it was prone to bugs
          Yep I had several growing up and loved them. And ya that was the first thing I mentioned to her when I ran the idea by her about the bugs and she said she is not worried :D
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            You know, I just get spiders, I think... I have boots, and a cat. :D
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              In addition to making sure that she knows how to get out in case of fire, make sure to install a smoke detector and a co2 detector near her room so she knows she needs to get out.

              I had a room in the basement for awhile as a tween and I guess my biggest complain was that my parents would start laundry in the next room while I was still wanting to sleep. Having a schedule of when things like that can happen helped a lot.


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                I think it is a great idea!! I love the dolphin theme too. I have nasty centipedes in my basement and spiders too!!
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                  centipedes? Do you have any idea if they have pincher's on them ?

                  smoke detector and a co2 detector
                  Smoke detectors we have two and the Co2 detector I will talk to the landlord about. I hate those things ( due to a stupid malfunction ) but I know they are necessary...
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                    think too about radon in basements.

                    my first apt was in a basement.. and we had some issues with mold.. dehumidifiers help.
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                      Originally posted by Tanya View Post
                      and we had some issues with mold.. dehumidifiers help.
                      Was going to suggest this,too. Definitely get a dehumidifier. My current apartment is a basement apartment, and in summer its about the most critical item I have. Even a little bit of damp can damage things a lot.


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                        I know summer is coming up, but for future ref, you might want to look into a little space heater for the colder months after. Basements can get pretty cold. Also, if there is a window in the basement you might think about getting a little fan to help draw in some fresh air for her. So long as the climate isn't terribly humid, that will probably also help manage the mold population. ;-)
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                          Originally posted by Myzterio View Post
                          You know, I just get spiders, I think... I have boots, and a cat. :D
                          So long as the spiders are not in the boots you'll be OK.
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                            My cat generally gets to the spiders and eats them before I get to them to catch them in a jar and let them go outside.

                            Actually, during the winter, I usually just turned them loose in the other half of the basement, at the far end from the laundry, as I knew they'd just die if I put them outside. Half the time if they are behind the furniture and out of the way, I jst let the spiders be....the uber-giant daddy longlegs that insisted on settling upon my hair every couple of days (regardless of where I was in the apartment) rather than anywhere else, however, eventually had to be exiled to the other half of the basement...they're harmless, but he was just too friendly....

                            Now spring is coming and the centipedes are returning through the bathtub drain....must remember to check bathtub before getting in without glasses....

                            Insect life is generally harmless, though. So I hope that if there are bug encounters she'll know to catch them and let them go rather than kill them...When I was in my attic room I encouraged the spiders to live up there because they kept the wasp population down.


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                              You can buy plug in or portable C0 2 detectors now. So if you get one for now you can take it with you. Warm hugs.
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