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    What do you do with your shoes when you walk in the front door? Right now all I have is a gray tub and it looks horrible. I'm trying to find a dark wooden shoe holder/tub thingy but they are like $300 - what do you do?

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    When you walk into my house the first thing you see is shoes..... It is a mess and I would like to do something about it, but, for some reason, nothing I can think of will work. So if you find a good solution, post it, so I can have a new idea
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      I have wooden wine crates, which I put my shoes in. Otherwise, I made a habit of putting them in the coat closet, if there was one by the door. I like to make use of every day items to make it work.

      You could look into getting a short book case, and use wicker baskets to hold shoes. Or getting one of the "in style" cube styled containers- where you can have the fabric drawers in each cube, which could hide the shoes from sight.

      Just a thought.
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        I personally use a nice little square open shelf unit in dark hardwood.. its atrractive and each shelf will hold a pair of adult shoes or two pairs of kid shoes
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          I have one similar to this one:

          Mine is a mahogany wood color and I bought it target for about $50.00.
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            Originally posted by ~*Sacred*~ View Post
            What do you do with your shoes when you walk in the front door?
            Absolutely nothing till I sit down to take a rest and then toss them off to put my feet up and kick back to relax! :toofless:


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              Haha, thanks for the answers lol


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                Originally posted by ~*Sacred*~ View Post
                .... now all I have is a gray tub and it looks horrible....
                me too. XD I can't help.


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                  I've got one of those over-door shoe racks. I have most of them on there, and the rest are still in their boxes on the shelves in my closet--the ones I don't wear as often, like the nice going-out heels.

                  I'm in the same boat though, I take of my shoes when I come home, but I'm generally pretty good about only having that pair out. I would suggest a cubby system though or one of those nice wicker boxes with a lid, at least then it looks nicer than rubbermaid.