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    You can also boil lemon and/or orange rinds to extract their essence then add that to whatever cleaning base you're using.

    Other citrus smells to consider would be grapefruit and lime.

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      Originally posted by *GrumpButt* View Post
      Ew really? I HATE sticky floors.
      I never have a problem with the EO though! I use it almost exclusively, unless I have lemons that are going to go bad soon.
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        Het, I take orange peels, some water and cinnamon. Put them in a pot, boil and presto! Yummy smelling house!

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          Originally posted by *GrumpButt* View Post
          Ugh I just mopped my house with it..
          Pine sol = generic polychloride disinfectant

          All having the same active component I just try to get the best bang per buck

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            Years ago I use to use Pinesol.
            Until one day when I was washing the storm door and accidentally knocked the bucket over and it spilled into my mint bed and ran into the lawn.
            Every where that pinesol water went, everything died and 2 years later, nothing, not even a weed grew on the ground there.
            I never used that stuff again.

            I too go with vinegars and citrus and such. Its especially important now that we go with as much environmentally safe things as we have our own septic we have to maintain and you can not put anything in it that would alter the microorganism growth that breaks down the waste.

            Plus we have a grey water system so we can not risk contaminating our own well water or anything!

            No oven cleaners here, no powerful de-greasers, no hard water removers or soap scum removers....natural cleaners and elbow grease is what we have to use!


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              Thread resurrection on Easter! I figured it was appropriate...

              So what I use to clean is a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking salt. If there is a particularly nasty portion (say, the stove) I'll put baking soda directly on it, and then spray with just some vinegar to loosen it up, and then I just clean as usual. If you want to use an essential oil in there it's fine, to give it a nice smell.

              I also use salt to clean all my dishes if there's any food stuck on them, it's great to remove them.
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