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  • Furniture

    For the foreseeable future, I'll be living in some form of an apartment. I'm going to be moving at the end of July and would like to bring a new(ish) couch into my home. Problem being? I'm on a SUPER limited budget.

    I've internet-shopped at a lot of larger chain stores (Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Art Van, etc) and a bit on Craigslist, but can't seem to find anything I like within my price range. I'm looking for a spacious 3 seater sofa and maybe a love seat for a nice, cozy living room. I also want neutral, peaceful looking colors (which is where craigslist is a detriment...everything is plaid, flower printed, or some odd combo of both).

    So I guess this all leads me to asking, do any of you have any super amazing low price places you've shopped for furniture that don't seem as obvious to people like me?
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    Have you tried craigslist?


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      You'll have to check if there's such a thing in your area, but there's a place in my town called "The Re-store." It's run by Habitat for Humanity and it sells furniture and all sorts of hardware/home renovation types of stuff, even decorative items like vases, lamps, and so on.

      Some of the stuff is donated by area merchants, some is unused stuff from contractors (maybe leftovers from jobs?), some is scratch-and-dent merchandise, but just about all of it is new or newish, and usually in good condition. And the prices are low. Maybe there's such a place where you are? If not, check the various thrift/Goodwill stores....not everything they get is used and nasty; sometimes they get new stuff from local retailers, too.

      Good luck!


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        LadyDamiana has some good ideas- I've bought several things from our local Re-store.
        Not sure if they exist in your area, but we also have a few furniture consignment shops here that have lovely things (not always super-cheap but better than brand new). It might be a long shot but you could check your local Freecycle site too. Good luck!


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          Excellent ideas, thanks so much! I didn't even think of consignment shops. I'm also hoping to start hitting up estate and garage sales this May and June to find something nice.
          Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


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            I know you said you wanted neutral colors and that's why you've pretty much had no luck on craigslist...but you could always buy a couch cover/piece of fabric/find out how to reupholster the couch. Just so you don't rule out everything because of color. Good will is great, or any other consignment shop. Also, I know craigslist will often have a place where people post yard sale notices. While yard sales are great anyways, with these postings people will often list things they will have there, especially the big attractions, and you can email the people who are having the yard sale and ask if they have a couch and if so what it is like.
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              Get something in good condition second hand and a slip cover in a neutral colour... you'll save yourself a heap.


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                Our Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Goodwill all get nice furniture.


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