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Cool Altar/Shrine ideas!

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  • Cool Altar/Shrine ideas!

    This goes here because it's not related to the setup of said shrine/altar, but rather where one can put such a thing!

    Like this:

    I want one. I don't really have a corner in which to put one, but the very idea is simply cool!
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    That is a good idea You could even use one of those corner-shelves, so that you can put it on the wall above existing tables etc?

    I intend on making a Spirit-House shrine at some point; in Cambodia they were all over the place. ( picture ) Because I'm in England though, I'm going to make a more english spirit house - a little iron age round-house :D


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      those are both good ideas....

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        oh that is soo neat
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            i think i'm going to have to invest into something like that. My apartment is way to small. Not only that i've been waiting to frind the best way i feel to erect an alter. I just haven't gotten that far yet.

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