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Wax tarts?

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  • Wax tarts?

    Okay .. I like to keep my house smelling pretty .. but candles don't have near enough throw unless I burn half a dozen at one time .. that gets pricey.

    So I use wax tarts which I melt in one of two oil warmers .. one in my office and the other in the main part of the house.

    Anyone know of good places to get these fairly inexpensively?

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    So completely OT- but I thought this thread title said Wart Tax!

    I bet they are expensive, but I am sure Yankee Candles would have good "smell strength.' Have you thought about making your own?

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      Wicks and Sticks and the Yankee candle store sell them discounted if you buy in bulk...last time I checked it was 3 for $3.49, 6 for $5, and 12 for $11.99, which is pretty good since the tarts are 1.19 a piece. You might also consider buying the scent of the month at 25% off. This month is pumpkin pie.

      A few things about the Yankee Candle tarts....they are very strong and last 6 to eight hours. My suggestion is if you aren't going to burn it for that long every day, when you want to change the scent stick the thing in the freezer for about 10 minutes and the wax that pops out is re-useable. Also, it's good to use good quality tealights, you can get packs of 12 for $5 both places. The cheap tealights that come in bags of 50 are no good to use with tart burners, the wax burns too hot and can eventually crack your pot and start a fire.

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