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  • oh! Time for a new look!

    ok. The time has once again come. The most exciting time to repaint all thoes sun faded colours on my walls! I will try to repaint a bathroom, and a spare room, but I know I will repaint at least my bedroom. Unfortunatlly, I have a painters (heh) block, and I have absoultly NO idea what to do. So, if anyone has any ideas, at all, I need your help. The only thing is, I want it relativly cheep, fun, and really perty!

    Thankies for your help!
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    You could have a feature wall where you paint one wall with a colour different to the rest of the room but it still goes with the room. Thats pretty cheap because you can just use one of those wee tester pots. You could also add sand to your paint to give it texture Or you could sponge it to make it look textured.
    I know in my country you can get this awesome magnetic paint so if you have kids they can use it like a fridge door, and it means no tacks in the walls when they put up their posters! And theres glow in the dark paint!!
    You could always stencil your wall or put one of those wallpaper stips halfway up. Theres always folk art, or you could just dip a feather in paint and go wild!
    I hope this gets you I feel like doing some painting!!



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      light colors, (are you painting the ceiling).

      themes. sky blue. (blue with white not well blended). gives a sky effect with clouds. bring it down to about halfway or little over.
      then maybe some light greens and browns (nature motif) and use your hands for some of it, especially the blending areas of blue and green. ceiling will need more white in it. to spread the light. and a light blue would be better than a dark. If you have any paint, you can substitute different colors in different areas.
      remember that dard soaks up the light and can make a room dark.
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        That sounds like your spare bedroom, Sita! The blue to green is an excelent idea!
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          yea! it really does!

          that does, but I really like that technique better.....
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