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  • How do I learn all this!?

    And what should I be learning in the first place? I mean, hunting and fishing makes perfect sense if you live in a place where it's feasible to do so, but I live in the middle of a city (Sacramento). There's nothing around here but squirrels, birds, and the odd stray cat or dog. And since I know for a fact we have West Nile Virus out here, I'm not sure how safe it would be to eat them anyway. Well, the birds at least; I don't know if it affects squirrels. I think food-wise, the only usefull thing I could do is start growing vegetables. I'll post all my woes about that in the Green Room.

    The only thing I have right now that could be considered a 'survival skill' is the ability to stay calm in an emergency. That is important, but it won't keep us fed or clothed.

    And possibly my biggest problem of all: how do I learn anything when I have 1) no money to take any classes, and 2) no people I could learn from?

    I have a book on sewing that's supposed to be for beginers, but I don't know how much good it'll do. I guess I could ask Mom to teach me how to sew (especially since she'd the only one who knows how to use that pre-historic sewing machine; god only knows where the instructions to that thing are) but I'm saving that as a measure of absolute last resort because whenever she tries to teach me anything more complicated than how to cook rice we end up at eachother's throats and walk away upset and frustrated, and in the meantime I still haven't learned what I wanted to know. But, at least I know how to make rice.:bigredgri

    So, advice? Recomendations?
    Uhh...never mind. I forgot what I was gonna say.

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    Work on your gardening skills. If you live in an apartment, you can grow on the balcony.
    Put all your change in a jar. In several jars. Clean up your space. Go through all your old clothes. If they have usable fabric, keep the item in a chest. Quilting is very basic and can be quite cool if you make one to match your room. You could start simple, like a wall quilt with pockets to hold your rulers and pencils and such.
    Look through the green and emergency preparedness threads here. There is so much you can do. I am glad you showed interest. Keep it up. ask anything after you go through the threads. Make a first aid kit.


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      Read! Here, the Net, the library, they all have info you may use. Remember, just because you don't seem to need that information now doesn't mean you won't be glad you knew it later! You have earthquakes there. Learn earthquake survival and make an earthquake kit.
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        Simply Living Smart has online how-to videos about things like food storage.
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          Thanks for the tips! I think my first order of business will be to start stocking up on dry and canned goods; stocking up on anything is hard when you just don't much money to work with. I think I'm going to end up buying a lot of ramen:weirdsmil.
          Uhh...never mind. I forgot what I was gonna say.


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            Here's a link to an article about survival in the city. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page under 'Preparations.'

            One very important thing - don't tell ANYONE about your preps. If people know what you've got, they will be looking for a way to take it from you. You'll either get the "I don't have to stock up on anything because if something happens, I'll just come to your place" leeches, or some unscrupulous types might see you as a source of free stuff and come looting.
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              To catch birds is easy. String a lot of raisins on some strong string with gaps. Bird comes along eats the first one, then the second and so on. Make sure the end is secured to something. The bird can not backtrack as it has a stomach full of string and raisins.

              Squirrels are easy. Find out where they run and place wire snares along a new run. Vary the size and you will catch a few as the fall off the branch and hang. Easy food. Sounds a bit nasty to catch them in this way but you will get food with minimal effort.

              Also source local food growing around. Read up on plants and what to eat and what causes you to be ill. Also head to a place that has ham radio as they can tell you instantly where the bad areas are and the good ones. Also some torrents on the pirate bay website has good information in PDF format. But also it has other files along with it which are about chemical warfare... Best avoid them.
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                Originally posted by MoonWolfSorceress View Post
                Thanks for the tips! I think my first order of business will be to start stocking up on dry and canned goods; stocking up on anything is hard when you just don't much money to work with. I think I'm going to end up buying a lot of ramen:weirdsmil.

                Along with the canned goods you'll want dry goods to make your emergency/survival kit to last longer in case something long term happens...
                Water purification tablets/koolaid(or ice tea mix, or crystal light), to cover the taste
                Dry beans cheaper, and good protein ...
                Minute rice/couscous ...
                all purpose spices ... nuttin fancy; parsley and pepper can go in just about anything

                btw: I learned mosta my survival skills in learning to camp, from campstore pamphlets(an easy introduction, and where to get more information), from camptrore employees (make sure they actually camp, some employees are there for the gear discount not just cause they were the only ones hiring in the mall); books from the library ... and experience ... you need to practice ... and being the 21st century and not the early 90s(when I learned) > you can learn how to do every thing online ... if people can learn how to make bombs in their kitchen ... i'm sure there a few easy surival skills you master through the net
                Good Luck!
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                  As the wonderful people have already suggested - start with one step at a time. Prepare for shorter emergencies - have some tinned food, first aid kit, torch/ waterproof matches/candles in a bag near the entrance of your home and go from there.

                  Hunting and fishing for your own food is useful too - but only if the emergency goes on for so long you eat your food and no one comes to help.

                  Growing your own food and learning more about preservations -= eg, canning, not only is useful come emergency - its pretty frugal and cost cutting way to live

                  As for money -everything you need to know is on the net. You needn't spend a penny

                  Good luck, happy reading!
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                    If you need a good reference book to study form you can get the SAS Survival guide. Written in the 1980's it goes into detail about things needed to survive. Written by John "Lofty" Wiseman who was in the SAS (And was the second person in on the Iranian Siege in 1980) it isa 400 page book on survival from essentials, climate, camp craft, survival and disaster. All are topics needed.

                    The ISBN number is 978-0-00-727493-2


                    And yes, I do have this book.
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