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Make a Survival Kit out of an Altoids Tin

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  • Make a Survival Kit out of an Altoids Tin

    I thought this was pretty cool when I stumbled across it. Looks like it would be fairly easy to assemble, and being in an Altoids tin, it's small enough to be carried in pocket or purse at all times, because you just never know when you might need something like this.
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    Ha. That is very cool. I want to make one.
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      Great if you are off fishing, useless in all other aspects.

      First off it has nothing to make fire with. Survival packs should have firesteel to create sparks for a fire. A collapsible wire saw, a sharp knife for cutting, compass, purifier tablets for water, fishing hooks and line, wash off notebook and pen.

      If it had them in I would get it myself. If you need help in getting one together look up Ray Mears books and get an idea from that.
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