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  • Homesteading?

    A quick forum search didn't pull up a single result for Homesteading, so I'm curious: Any homesteaders on the site?

    What is your current setup?
    Do you consider yourself a seasoned pro, a newbie, or somewhere in between?
    How do you incorporate your path into your daily routines?
    What are your go-to resources when it comes to learning this lifestyle?

    I'm a newbie to homesteading. Hubby and I recently purchased a home on about 1.5acres of land, and while our priority so far has been to create a secure yard area for our pets and toddler, we will eventually move on to raising chickens, goats, horses, and MAYBE pigs. I grew up with a homesteading grandparent, moved to the city for college and a job, and now I'm back in the countryside and hoping to start up my own little piece of paradise.

    I'd love to connect with other homesteaders, share tips and tricks, favorite online resources, etc.

    Hopefully there are folks here I can connect with!

    .+[Blessed Be]+.

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    MrsSurvival forum has a lot of useful info.
    I watch a little too much Little House of the Prairie. I used to read about homesteading and preparedness. Visited some other forums on the subject in years past, forget the names.
    Youtube also has lots of videos some of family, some on urban homesteading.
    I am not into it as such. I have health issues so just keeping up with cooking, housekeeping in short time slots, try to keep stock of things as I depend on online shopping.
    The groceries the S/O goes 1x a week get the week shopping plus some extra bits.
    I am on 1/3 acre but is heavy waterlogged soil. I planted willow branches from a big willow that was here allready next to garden gate.They sprouted into trees which drink lots of water from clay soil.
    I have OA and had to give up gardening even the potted plants on patio area had to give up. The herbs self-seed in the garden. Grew plum tree from a pit/stone.After 7 years it gives some fruits.
    I used to have pets. But is been decades since the last. I do have visiting cats from other houses and birds. My DD is in college. I am an older mom SAHM.

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