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Cooking 101 (aka Cooking for Dummies)

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    The term "Yankee Pot Roast" is actually cooked the way you did, put all your veggies and meat in one pot or crock pot and cook until the veggies are done. Pot Roast is the beef cooked until done and then adding the veggies and cook more until they're done. Personally I prefer it the yankee way too. Cook for you and yours not for anyone else. (Yes I am a chef).

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      Me, I always have just put the roast in the pot, cover it with broth, and toss some scrubbed potatoes in. The 7yo gets her dad to help her dump in some baby carrots when she gets home from school, and when I get home from work, it's a meal. I stopped trying to make gravy from the juice 'cause I never get it right, and I'm the only one who wants it - Doc & the 7yo will snarf up all the beef as is! lol

      I'm coming into this late (as usual!) but has anybody tried chicken in the crockpot? I've found that unless you prop it up on something, it cooks in its own juices and falls apart. The suggestion I found was to put it up on balls of aluminum foil, but my crock isn't tall enough for that. So when I make honey chicken, I put the taters in first, then the chicken sits on top of them - that way we still have drumsticks, not just meat & bones. mmmmmm.... honey chicken... :drool: gonna have to make that this weekend... lol
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        I found a recipe for a whole chicken inthe crock pot and man it comes out delish!
        It calls for a 3 lb whole fryer but I have used a roaster (7.5 lbs) twice. I just made sure I added some extra time and checked it with the meat thermometer.

        Rinse and pat dry the chicken. Put it in CP. Mix fresh ginger, ketchup, soy sauce, green onions (cut in half) and I think some water. Pour over chicken, cook on high 3-4 hours (I did mine 4-5)
        To take it out of the CP I use a long spatula that I insert intot eh cavity and a fork on the other side and lift it out. The wings fall off but everything else stays together.

        For sauce in CP- remove green onions.
        Mix a bit of cornstarch into cold water, stir into CP and cook on high 15 min or until thickened.
        Toast sesame seeds and toss over sliced chicken.

        This comes out super moist and flavorful. I like the leftovers on toasted wheat bread with sesame mayo (light mayo, tiny bit of seame oil and non fat yogurt)

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          Originally posted by Faery-Wings
          So, how many of you consider yourselves to be "beginner cooks?" Can you follow a simple recipe (mac and cheese or brownies from a box) maybe? Or are you a disaster in the kitchen, like my hubby who *killed* stove top stuffing? I am still trying to figure that one out unless it was a ploy to make me banish him from the kitchen for evermore....

          If this describes you, than this is the thread for you.

          This is where you will find tips on basic cooking, links to beginner cooking website and easy recipes.

          Anyone may post here, so all of you more experienced cooks, let us know what you have learned through trial and error in your own kitchens.
          i killed stove top stuffing once. it was because i figured i was *waaay* smarter than stove top stuffing could possibly be, and didn't fully read the directions. oops.

          nowadays i am at "can follow simple recipe" level. i so can't wait til i have access to a kitchen again!
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            I come from a long line of women who can bake, but can't really cook. If my family could survive on baked goods alone, we'd be all set.
            The bread trick works for hard cookies, too. Meaning if your homemade cookies get hard, putting a slice of fresh bread in with them will soften them up again.
            And I found out by accident that if you leave choc. chip cookies sitting in the sun for a couple hours, they're just like fresh-baked again.


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              Wish me luck, ya'll's. I'm going to make a pot roast in my crock pot following this recipe tomorrow morning. Let's hope it turns out alright.

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                Good for you! I took a peek at the recipe- You can also add some carrots onthe bottom of the crock. And I would also put some sliced onions on top of the meat and probably use fresh garlic if you have it.

                Let us know how it comes out!

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                  Good luck with the pot roast!!


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                    It turned out pretty okay. I didn't put the morton seasoning blend on it but it still tasted pretty well.

                    'We shall not cease from exploration
                    And the end of all our exploring
                    Will be to arrive where we started
                    And know the place for the first time.'
                    -T.S. Eliot

                    "Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
                    (Still the dead one lay moaning)
                    I was much too far out all my life
                    And not waving but drowning."
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                      I am the queen of substitutes. I usually start cooking something and then read in the recipe it calls for something I don't have and also this helps a bit when trying to keep the fat content down.

                      For example, I use sour cream in cream sauces instead of cream. I don't have to use as much and I can mix it with my low fat milk and it STILL tastes very creamy.

                      No buttermilk for the biscuits. Add a tsp of vinegar to your milk and let it sit a few minutes before adding.

                      There are few things I keep in the cupboard for subs. I like to keep some dried egg whites around in case I run out of eggs. Add some water and you got eggs. They are a tad expensive but you keep them for a very long time.

                      If you don't have corn starch to thicken up a sauce or a dish, use some cold water and some flour - whisk out the lumps or strain them - the flour will have the same affect.

                      Dry milk - can be used and it's got NO FAT.

                      Want to cut down on fat in a cake? Use applesauce instead of that 1/4 cup of oil.

                      Cream cheese will help make creamy pasta sauces just cut it into cubes with some milk, add a dallop of sour cream - salt and pepper to taste and a bit of parsley - add pasta. Quick an easy alfredo type of dish!

                      What can you do with tomatoes that are kind of going bad? Cook them! Add garlic and onion some mushrooms -- add V8 or tomator juice or some chicken broth --- you got a pasta sauce.

                      Steam veggies in the microwave? Asparagus is easy. Make sure the break the yucky ends of the asparagus - place them onto a plate. (I usually put the entire bunch on the plate) Add 1/8 cup of water in the bottom-- add some fresh lemon if you want, place saran wrap over the plate TIGHT, microwave for about 8 minutes. Be very careful when taking off the saran wrap because the steam is hot! Serve with a bit of butter, salt for flavor - easy veggie dish for din din.

                      Broccoli, want it to be cheesy without the hassle of making a sauce? After you prepare it add a slice or two of American cheese and stir. The juice from the broccoli, steam and heat from cooking mixes with the cheese it melts and makes this sauce. Easy peasy!

                      I have tons of these.
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                        Didn't see this posted and thought someone would find it helpful.



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                          I consider myself a beginner too but a very good one, to be honest. :D

                          Now that I live on my own with my boyfriend and his landlord in England, I basically have to cook mostly my own food.. but of course, I'm really generous so usually the landlord eats some of what I make, too. And the same with my boyfriend. He teasingly calls me a "good wifey" whenever I cook, lol, it cracks me up cuz it's so cute!<3

                          Back in Estonia I used to cook as well but not as much as I do it now. I really enjoy this, really really do. I LOVE cooking, it's my passion. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a baker/cook cuz I suffer from gluttony and I'm in love with food! Which is VERY ironic because I'm skinny... and it's not because I don't eat (trust me, I eat ALOT) but it's because of my family genes. But oh well, at least women in my family tree don't get fat like at the age of 30 and look all old and ugly, haha. It's just that back in the Soviet times people didn't have the food they needed, especially for the babies so a lot of Estonian girls my age are quite slim but that doesn't mean they're pretty.. Estonian girls are considered the prettiest European girls cuz we are kinda vain.. hey, we just like taking care of our looks, lol.
                          Anyways.. that was random, lol!

                          So yeah.. back to the cooking. Um, so basically, yeah, I'm a beginner I suppose. A few days ago I made spaghetti bolognese the way my mum always used to make, and I love it!<3
                          Then I made Estonian casserole which turned out really good too! Except it was perhaps a bit too oily for my own good... but certainly good for my "hubby" and landlord, lol! Those fat bastards, haha. :D

                          Hmm.. what else? Well, I'd make so much more but the kitchen in this house isn't exactly the most excellent and comfortable one. Also, I got no money at the moment so I can't exactly make all my dream recipes come alive and tasty. I need to wait until I start working and get paid. My bf buys food too but not enough to please me.. lol.
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                            Originally posted by BrigidMoon View Post
                            For example, I use sour cream in cream sauces instead of cream. I don't have to use as much and I can mix it with my low fat milk and it STILL tastes very creamy.
                            OMG! Soured cream. I love it!<3 Estonians use it ALOT. Actually, not just us but also most East Europeans are very famous for their great dairy products like sour cream and other products we make that you cannot find in the Western part of Europe.
                            Me and my boyfriend live in England now and we went to TESCO's a few days ago and searched for sour cream for like a half an hour! We just couldn't find it! I was starting to get really desperate, lol. Because I need sour cream in salads and casserole. Eventually, I found it but it still doesn't taste as good as the Estonian one.


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                              I wasn't sure whether I should post a topic or just write it here but my landlord made this really tasty food yesterday that I very much enjoyed eating. So yeah, thought I'd share it with everyone since it's a really simple recipe (copying off from his personal cookbook):

                              Roasted Sweet Potatoes

                              12 shallots unpeeled
                              8 garlic cloves unpeeled
                              1 kg (orange-coloured) sweet potatoe (cut into even chunks)
                              1 tsp corriander seeds crushed
                              2 red chillis
                              6 tbs oo - not sure what that means..
                              sea salt
                              black pepper

                              Cover shallots + garlic with boiling water. Soak 30 mins. Drain and peek.
                              Put in roasting tin with sweet pots corriander and chilli. Add oo, salt + pepper toss well to coat.
                              Roast 200 (Celsius) degrees 30 mins until golden and tender.


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                                Is oo a type of flour? I thought it was the kind that is used to make pasta??
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