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How strict of a vegetarian are you?

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  • How strict of a vegetarian are you?

    I'm wondering if many vegetarians are meticulous about reading the labels for any animal products that sneak in to sauces and other foods that you buy from the grocery store. There are anchovies in most store-bought caesar salad dressings, and oyster extract in a lot of stir-fry sauces, and it gets pretty frustrating finding stuff without some form of animal product. I used to be really strict, I'd freak out even if I ate anything with marshmellows because of the gelatin, but now I'm not so sure I care too much anymore. Even things like anchovies and oysters are seafood, which many so-called "vegetarians" eat anyway (which I don't agree you are a vegetarian if you do). I don't know, I'd kil for a stir-fry tonight, but the only sauce we have has oyster extract, and I don't know if it makes much of a difference.

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    As a vegan, I'm careful but don't think of myself as strict. Heck--some of my best friends are omnivores. :hahugh:


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      I'd rather eat as natural as I can, but if I go over to someones house, i'll eat what's in front of me. My friends know my preferences and will do little things like not microwave stuff.

      When they come over, they know it'll be meatless (or something like an elk/venison/buffalo in the fall) as a general rule.

      If I'm at an aquaintances house who means well, or doesn't know, i'll just stay as far away from the microwaved stuff as possisble, shut up, eat, and thank them for a lovely evening at the end of it.

      The time is now.


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        I try not to eat anything made out of animals, but with fish it doesn't bother me as much. Even though I don't eat fish, if it has a little bit in it, as with ceasar dressing, it doesn't make me feel as bad or grossed out as eating something with say, a cow in it. I'll probably become more strict when I become a veagan, the reason I'm not is because I'm still getting used to being a veggie.
        "Live simply so that others may simply live." - Mahatma Gandhi


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          I'm fairly strict. I read every label (and try to memorize "safe" items
          to make shopping quicker) and I won't eat anything with gelatin or sea food in it. I'm an all of nothing kinda gal when it comes to food.