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SCA recipes?

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  • SCA recipes?

    Does anyone have any SCA recipes which use ingredients which are relatively easily obtainable at a local grocery store?


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      Society for Creative Anachronism (in other words, the Reniassance Faire people). I'm not in it but my close friend is, and they want to hold a get together @ my house, and I guess I'm supposed to make something for them to eat that's medieval-themed, but I haven't the slightest clue.


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        try cornish hens or jerky, duck if your daring, when we ate at the SCA gatherings here, it was all something you could hunt for or prepare from the earth, like berries and such .. nothing "modernized"
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          Do a Google, there are lots of SCA based recipes on the web.

          A platter of fresh root vegetables (turnips, carrots, radishes, celery, etc) is simple and fitting. You could serve yogurt as a dip.
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            Do a Google, there are lots of SCA based recipes on the web.
            That is what I was going to say I did a search for stuff for my wedding reception with was a Ren Style wedding and I found that there were alot of sites that helped...

            Here are two links to get you started. I personally would look at the second one first :D
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