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Elusive japanese treat- help!

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  • Elusive japanese treat- help!

    Ok, this is a plea for help going out to all you Japanese freaks...
    Awhile ago, a Japanese friend of mine brought in some treats. They're little buns, with the consistency of Play-doh, with a little jelly filling. I believe they were made out of bean paste, and they came in a bunch of fruity flavors, though they weren't particularly sweet. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If you have any idea, please tell me...
    btw, I luv u all!!!

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    A lot of communities have Asian grocers ... give them a try first. I think what you're looking for is a bean cake.

    If you need to resort to mail order, j-list is great.

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      It sounds like mochi that you are talking about. These are made from glutinous rice flour and then filled with different fillings. They are delish! I've been buying them from an Asian supermarket abotu 1 hour from home as I can't seem to make them myself.
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        yep. You can get them in the frozen food section of any Asian grocery store... but they are never as good as hot off the cart in a Chinese alley.

        they are pretty easy to make.. the filling is just black or kidney beans blended with sugar and a little coconut milk to the righ consistancy... the hard part if finding glutanous flour for the buns, but any good Chinese cookbook has bean bun recipes.
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