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Best Way To Preserve A Cut Onion?

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  • Best Way To Preserve A Cut Onion?

    If you have an onion and you only need a little at a time, what is the best way to use and preserve it so it lasts as long as possible and you avoid wasting any of it?
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    I usually just throw the remaining onion into a ziploc baggie and put it in the fridge...


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      long term, freeze it. For anytime use, dehydrate it!


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        I put it in a zip lock and when i want to use it, I cut off the ends so i only use the freshest part


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          I've always stuck it in a baggie. I wish it would last longer. But hey, I finally learned how to get celery to last since I only use a little at a time. Wash the celery and let it drain, then wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the crisper drawer of the fridge. I can have celery in my tuna salad for a month easy now without the stalks getting all wilted or brown.
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            It has to be good for something, and wrapping things like onions (and other veg) is one of them.

            It's certainly what I use and it'll keep it ok while I cut a slice at a time for my sandwich.

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              I generally wrap the onion in plastic wrap and then put it in either a baggie or a tupperware. Keeps the ends from drying out, and they keep for quite awhile that way.

              the advantage to a baggie is that if you look in and your onion is... er... past its prime, you can just pitch the whole thing.


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                I also just toss mine in a sandwich size ziploc bag, with all the air pushed out of it.


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                  And here I was, getting ready to give advice on how to "preserve" a CUT!

                  I was wondering what someone meant by "preserving" it, I was thinking of a cut wound or something of the like.

                  I was about to mention some plants, and their leaves and roots, such as Witch Hazel, which is quite acidic, and has astringent qualities.

                  Also pure mud, from a clay bog, without any impurities helps as well, as does garlic, which is a natural antiseptic, and antibiotic.

                  Well, back to crawl into my hole now...


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                    I have not tried it for onions (I use the too fast) but I heard putting a dime or other silver coin in the bag helps.

                    For celery and lettuce .... cut a little of the cut end off and moisten a folded up paper towel and place it on the cut end before re-wrapping it.
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                      I use shallots if I don't need much onion; they are smaller and therefore you don't need to preserve anything!
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