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  • Serrano chilis

    Anyone know of anything yummy I can make with serrano chili's? Mu hubby just harvested his first bunch and they are so pretty; please, don't let them go to waste!!!!!!! Help!!!
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    chili, all sorts of mexican dishes, and all kinds of Thai dishes as well as sechuan meals... anything you would use dry or podwered chili peppers. they are pretty hot.. start off with 1 per dish... and work up to 1 per eater if you like things pretty hot.

    you can easily dry them in 2 ways.
    1. place whole on a food dehydrator... and off you go.
    2. sting up and place in a cool dry place.

    when dry just crush as needed.

    DON'T try to cut them up for drying.. the fumes will drive you mad and you will end up gettign some in your eyes.(agony!)

    they will keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks

    pm me if you want some recipes. they are a stable in our diet...
    Mitakuye Oyasin


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      Roast them!! You can make some amazing things with roasted chilis, including a roasted chili / goat cheese chutney that you will just fall over and die for when spread over crackers.
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        Wow. I hope you like eating firey foods.. Serrano chilis are seriously hot.

        Here are a few recipe sites I found. It looks like you could freeze or pickle them as well. Good luck!

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