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  • tea baby!

    any one that ever drinks tea probably has a great immune system. i drink it i havent gotten a cold in 3 years straight. i use a natural green tea from a store and buy a fresh mint or thyme plant. "love natural and fresh herbs in any tea seeping or cooking" i just take a bag of tea and add thyme and or mint leaves into the tea and let it brew overnight. it tastes great with cinnamon and orange flavorings too. still experimenting though, it is great. i have some bad teas for instance, never put in bay leaves into the tea, toooooooo strong, oh man, my eyes were wattering from the strong taste and smell for two days straight. :ballonsmi

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    I Green Tea! I have a big cup of it every morning as part of my breakfast. I like using loose tea for this then I can make the portion and taste I like. I feel drinking my tea every morning is like taking vitamins!

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      i dont feel alone,

      i feel that tea in the morning and at night are great times for tea. i should of been a british born person since i love tea. but i am american indian, so what can i do? if you all want to try a tea, have some green tea and add some orange peel to it. it not only gives you vitamens from the tea but tastes great too. normally i let it seep for several hours, i like my tea strong and warm.:ballonsmi


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        I like traditional English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar - nothing beats it for dessert on a cold night! So soothing, too. I also love Mary Twining's Spice tea, it tastes like a pumpkin cookie! I also like Earl Grey, for all the herbal notes (but I still drink it with cream and sugar, not lemon as is traditional).

        I STRONGLY believe in the healing power of teas - however, as I grew up on traditional British style tea, sometimes I just can't get over the taste. The ones I like best so far are mint teas, licorice and lemon flavored. I also like Raspberry Green Tea by Celestial Seasonings.
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          I love teas also! I have close to 100 different varities. And in addition to that I make my own blends. I make blends for whatever ails me or my friends. Have over 70 herbs so that I can!! Right now my favorite is from Hawaii Islands and it is a coconut macadamia! Yummy!