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Making beef stew is so easy!

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  • Making beef stew is so easy!

    OK, since I have a garden, the work is pretty much done at harvest time.

    Instead of following normal freezing instructions when I freeze my veggies, I just cook them and have them ready to eat when I freeze. Onions, I just freeze raw with no blanching.

    So, any way, all I do for stew is just grab a handful of this and that vegetable, chop one fresh potato and throw then in some water and boil the mess. When the potatoes are getting soft, I add a can of Dollar Store canned beef. And, there you have it, beef stew!

    You could do the same using store bought frozen veggies. and a fresh onion.

    For a big pot of stew the real work takes all of, maybe, five minutes.

    For veggie soup, do the same but add a jar of canned tomatoes and more water instead of the meat.

    Add toast and this feeds three or four people.

    It is kind of expensive for my normal cooking since the meat costs about $1.50.

    For cheaper, I would use some of those super cheap, ten pounds for under five bucks chicken quarters for the meat. But, that would take more time.

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    I like but I would change a little for myself.
    I would either drain the water after the veggys are cooked and add gravy with that meat so it doesn taste watered down,
    or I would use the water to make the gravy since a lot of vitamins and minerals are in the water from the veggy's.

    But, 1.50 for a can of beef?
    Holy cow!! We pay 3 bucks pound for junk ground beef and canned beef is twice that! Even ground chicken is 3 bucks a pound here. Those are the cheapest meats you can buy here. We have no meats here for less than 3 bucks a pound.
    Hence, why I raise my own.