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  • Originally posted by siobhan View Post
    Tonight I will be cooking a perfectly Healthy alternative.

    The Microwave Meal. Unpack it, Crucify it for 10 minutes, eat it.

    God bless the Microwave Meal.


    as delicious and mouthwatering as that does sound not to mention the smell as you heat it teasing your senses and making you just tingle all over.....its cold meat and salads for dinner here tonight mostly due to the heat of the last few days


    • Had a Healthy Choice entree...this spinach ... pasta ... thing. Lol. I don't remember the exact name anymore. Alas.
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      • Stuffed cabbage. It was delicious.
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        • Last night was a chicken salad with dried craisens and pineapple, served with fresh hot crescent rolls. Rather good actually.

          Tonight will probably be a spagetti casserole. We have snow coming our way, up to six inches. Something warm and toasty that will keep if my daughter is late getting home sounds like just the ticket.
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          • Tonight's meatless night - homemade refried beans (black beans) and jalapeno jack cheese quesadillas served with an avocado salad.
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            • What's for dinner tonight?

              What are you eating for dinner tonight? Do you cook yourself dinner? Do you cook for others?
              Love heals


              • Tonight, hopefully some buffet that includes sushi and stuffed mushrooms. :D mmm!

                I usually cook my own food, but sometimes my fiance` steps in and does it for me. Of course I make his food alot of the time too.



                • It was going to be bacon-wrapped scallops, but I'm not in the mood anymore, so probably swedish meatballs with egg noodles.


                  • Heh. I'm making roasted turkey breast, with a side of baby corn, green beans, and carrots. All covered in a nice rub of sun dried tomatoes and cajun seasonings.

                    I'm making enough to feed four adults and 2 children. It's thursday, and on thursdays, I have friends over for dinner so that I can socialize with someone older than the bright age of 5. ^_^

                    Besides, I love cooking.
                    P.S. I'm also making a chocolate cake. Because I can.
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                    • BBQ'd burgers... nobody in the house feels like cooking, so we're just going to fire up the grill and throw on some juicy, beefy burgers. I'll chop up onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes... but if I'm doing burgers I'm going all out with ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo as well.



                      • lol. I was just like "mom what are we eating?" and she said "this disgusting thing I found in the freezer." fml.
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                        • Whatever fast food place we decide to go to after I get home from work.
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                          • KC is bring home a fresh cut from the pig today pork loin. Im thinking some rice along side with it. Dunno what else yet.


                            • I'm going to be attempting a moussaka with eggplant.

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                              • Tortellini with alfredo sauce. :mmm: Yummy! `