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What is your favorite tea?

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  • What is your favorite tea?

    And least favorite? I love chamomile tea and dislike ginseng.

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    I love green tea with ginsing and honey. I dispise kava kava.


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      I also dislike kava kava but my favs are chamomile and marshmallow root tea.
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        I developed a taste for unsweetened peppermint tea in college. The student union co-op would sell a single teabag and cup that you could take to the Commissary for hot water, but if you put sugar or milk in it, it counted as a coffee and you had to pay for it.


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          I like Earl Grey brand of tea.

          Also for any of the special fruit/herbal teas (that doesn't need milk!) I go for peppermint.
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            English Breakfast! I can drink 2-5 cups a day.
            Followed by Peach Black (Stash brand)

            If I'm desperate I'll drink Earl Grey.
            Peppermint is only for when I'm sick (associated it with that as Mom always gave it to me when I was sick)
            Green always tastes bitter to me, even if I make it right.

            Red tea, literally makes me sick. The smell alone is gross. One package we have, it smells like cough syrup to me!
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              Earl Grey is my favorite. Hot.
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                I like pretty much all kinds of tea depending on my mood but my least favorite is orange pekoe; I'll only drink that if it's the only thing available.
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                  I love many, many kinds of tea. Genmaicha is my favorite (especially the Genmaicha Pop from Adagio, that has the little popcorn pieces in it - yum!).

                  Numi has a kind, and I can't remember which one, something lime, maybe? that always makes my throat feel like someone took a vacuum cleaner to it. That would be my least favorite.
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                    I love many teas. It's hard to narrow down.

                    I really like Lady Grey tea- though it's harder to find.
                    Mint for when I'm sick.
                    Green is a nice fall back.
                    I like a lot of the fruit blends that Celestial Seasons makes.

                    I hate chammomile tea. And I'm not a big fan of the really dark teas (chai, oolong, etc).

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                      I am (currently) in love with asian plum infused white tea. I actually found it at my local grocery store and its in a bag!! (the I usually go for loose teas as i find their flavor fresher/better. Also darjeeling is good when I need something darker.

                      Least favorite would be peppermint. IDK why, but I cant stand that stuff.


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                        I love tea, hot, cold, sweetened, with or without milk I love tea.

                        I hate chamomile tea it tastes like dirt. I also will not drink any of those "diet" or "cleansing" teas. EWWWWW

                        Oh and just an afterthought I don't like fruit teas cold, just hot, they get too sweet sometimes and kind of syrupy when cold.
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                          Rooibos tea is my current favourite -- it's calming and helps with tummy problems. I love chrysanthemum tea too.

                          Not a fan of many black teas.


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                            Kousmichov Tea

                            Born in St. Petersburg, raised in Paris. The best part is, they have not really changed so much in their methods, so you are tasting Russia, as the royals and rich might have from 1867 to 1918.

                            My fav blend is Prince Vlad.:mmm: Actually I am a sugar freak, and this tea is great with no sugar (I like Lipton Tea too, if I go out somewhere). This tea is great with Black Bread and butter (if you want to go 'Russe de thé').

                            Yet my personal stash is Kusmi Tea.
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                              Yerba matte, since I can't have coffee. Caffeinated and delicious. You know that fresh hay smell? It tastes like that, and is wonderful with milk, honey, and a little cinnamon. Kava Stress Relief. I'm not an especially stressed person, but I find it relaxing and it helps me focus. Lady Grey is wonderful, as is Constant Comment.

                              Green tea by itself. Not a fan.