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    Well, I've gotten a few emails, and am working on sorting them out as we speak. I will post the useable ones once I've sorted them.
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      Originally posted by Kaylara
      Does anyone here want to contribute to the Green Room Cookbook? What kinds of recipies and/or information would you like to see included in the cookbook? What sections should we have? Who would like to help with the designing/graphics/organization of the cookbook? I'm working out the details as we speak on how we're gonna get this printed.

      I could submit some artwork for it....


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        There's already a thread somewhere in place to submit cover artwork... here is the link:

        Bryony, I think they had planned on using CafePress to print the cookbooks... You know, I really haven't seen any new postings with regard to the project status....

        By all means, feel free to submit an entry on your behalf...The more the merrier!


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          Your Avatar cracks me up..... Batmantis.... a howl. love it.. Good day
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            Just wondering how the cook book thing was going
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              Originally posted by Yvonne Thomas
              I can help just let me know what types of recipes you are short of and I will design some. Then Kaylara and Traz can come test them.
              hi love im no chef but i love to cook and have a lot of old recipes and some iv made my self so if you would like ant let me know i fave a fudge candy that is to die for lol


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                Hows it going? Would be interesting to see
                Maybe a diabetic pudding section also?


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                  I was thinking a good way to lay it out would be to separate it into Sabbat sections and then within each section separate it by whatever you want.....meal, main ingredient, alphabetical, whatever...but I really think its important to separate it by sabbat.
                  If you desire a tea section aswell it should perhaps be a separate section, maybe an appendix?...or by sabbat aswell...or whatever....forget it, I'm all babbly...
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                    here is a couple of my food recipies, and a couple alcoholic drink recipies/// hope they are usefull..

                    nettle roman:
                    cook favorite flavor of roman add 4 tea spoons of fresh or dry nettle leaves as cooking.

                    easy egg drop soup

                    ingreediants, i can of cambels chicken noodle soup
                    1/4 choped white onion maybe a little bit of green onion for color
                    and one egg
                    (this makes one bowl of soup)
                    poor the can of soup in a pot, add the onion and i can of water
                    bring to a boil
                    crack egg and drop it in.
                    let boil for one minute
                    stir and poor into the bowl voula easy egg drop soup

                    Altered Kung Pao chicken: (spicy Optional)

                    ¼ cup of chopped green onion
                    ¼ cup of chopped onion
                    1 clove of garlic crushes
                    ½ cup of Julian sliced carrots
                    ½ cup slice bell pepper
                    ½ cup of chopped broccoli
                    ½ cup of chopped celery
                    ¼ cup of chopped fresh jalapenios (optional) or ¼ cup of whole red peppers (also optional)
                    ¼ can of corn
                    1 lb. of stir-fry sliced pork, chicken, or steak, or use 1 lb. Of shrimp
                    1 package of kung poa season mix
                    ¼ cup of dried peanuts or almonds
                    2 tbl spoons of teriyaki sauce in the place of soy (beyond that follow instructions on the package of the Kung pao seasoning mix.

                    All veggies and meats are optional to tastes and specific choice of the COOK.

                    Terriaki stir fry
                    Use same ingreediants as above
                    Yet rather then the kung pao mix, use
                    ¼ cup of terriaki sauce
                    ¼ forth cup of water
                    2 table spoons of sugar
                    2 table spoons of black pepper
                    2 table spoons of season salts
                    2 table spoons of red wine vinager
                    cook meet till brown
                    add veggies stir fry on high heat for 2 minutes add sauce
                    stir fry till sauce is thick

                    the Merlin special.
                    get one large pitcher,
                    add grape and orange juice concentrait.
                    add 1 cup of water and 3 cups of vodka,
                    add one shot of grinodine, and one shot of jack
                    stir well
                    the same thing use water for a vrigin merlin
                    this is good if you are under the influnce of the recipie for disaster, (lots of vitiman c which is good for the baccus lover in us all )

                    another drink, i have yet to name, so we will call it, HEll
                    take a blender, add stawberry margarita mix halfway up. add sour apple pucker
                    one shot, add a shot of ever clear, and ice
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                      here's a yummy sweet bread recipe
                      this is great toasted with butter mmmm
                      Tree's Sweet Bread 2 loaves
                      1 pk. yeast dissolved in 1/4 c warm water add a pinch of sugar to water (it will puff)
                      1 c milk
                      1/4 c butter or oleo
                      1 1/8 c sugar
                      1 tsp salt
                      3 eggs (beaten a bit)
                      6-7 c flour
                      warm milk,melt sugar,salt and butter in the warm milk.add the eggs and dissolved yeast, stir together.gradually add flour to make kneadable dough.knead about 15 min. put dough into greased bowl,let rise till doubled.keep bowl covered with saran.punch down dough.let rest covered on counter 10 min. knead a bit,shape into bread put in greased 9 by 4 by 2 pans.cover let rise again in pan not quite to top. bake 350 oven about 30 min.tap bread on bottom it should sound hollow.soften crust on top with a bit of on rack
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                        Did the cookbook ever get made?

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                          4 recipes

                          *all are 100% mine, I didn't get these from anywhere*
                          also I don't name my recipes, so if there is a book being made, feel free to name them.
                          note cooking times are in Farenheit

                          Recipe One
                          2.5 bananas
                          7 fl oz apple juice (I used white house apple juice)
                          *8 oz cool whip container*
                          *butter knife* (blender can be used instead)
                          Place one banana in the container, and cut up with knife. Sprinkle sugar over the banana, a layer should cover the container. Add another banana and cut up. (doesn't have to be in slices, just mashed up). Coat half the container with cinnamon and the other half with ginger. Add the last half banana, and cut. Pour in the apple juice and stir. Place in freezer to freeze until either frozen or slushy like.

                          Recipe Two
                          1.5 c flour
                          3 eggs
                          1/4 c melted butter
                          dash cinnamon
                          1 orange (juice and grated peel)
                          1 tsp vanilla extract
                          3 T maple syrup
                          handful pecan crumbs
                          Mix flour, orange, eggs, butter, cinnamon, vanillla, small amount of milk, and syrup (in that order) with a spoon until well blended. (I suppose you could use a mixer, lol)
                          Spread onto a cookie tin and bake at 350 until done.
                          Eat with maple syrup.

                          Recipe Three
                          2 grapefruit(s)
                          3 or 4 naval oranges
                          2 cans Sprite (can be substituted with 7up)
                          4 c tropicana twister (Strawberry Kiwi)
                          1 small bottle clear strawberry gatorade
                          2.5 to 3 c sugar
                          *breyer's natural strawberry icecream* (or whatever brand is available, I find this works best)
                          Mix ingredients in a blender.
                          In a regular tall drinking glass, mix half a glass of the mixture with 1/2 a glass of strawberry ice cream, and mix to make a smoothie.

                          Recipe Four (double usage)
                          4 bananas
                          14 fl oz apple juice
                          2 T sugar
                          1/2 T cinnamon
                          1/2 T ginger
                          Dash ground cloves
                          18 fl oz yoo hoo
                          1/2 T lemon extract if desired
                          Place 7 fl oz of apple juice and one banana in the blender and puree 15 seconds. Add another banana and the sugar, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Puree 20 seconds. Add another banana and puree 15 seconds, add the lemon extract, if desired. Add the last banana and 7 fl oz of apple juice. Puree 20 seconds. Puree again if necesary. Pour mixture into a bowl for freezing. Freeze ten minutes, pour in the yoohoo and mix with spoon. Set to freeze.
                          *if you used the extract, it tastes a bit bad doesn't it, lol, that has another use than the w/o extract version. For one mug of coffee/cuppaccino (I used mocha), pour one or one half a dixie cup into the drink.
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                            Well...I just discovered something new! Green Habaneros are not very hot...the flavour is quite nice!

                            Here's how I used them just a few minutes ago...

                            3 green habaneros seeded and chopped
                            1 cup egg beaters (3-4 large eggs)
                            2 1/2 inch slices Give Me Lean soy breakfast sausage
                            chopped onion to taste
                            NaCl and Pepper

                            Saute sausage, habaneros, onions, NaCl & pep
                            Break up the suasage (tiny bits)
                            Pour in the eggs and lower heat to low.

                            in 2 minutes, add cheese of choice (mexican cotija cheese is what I used)
                            Turn off heat and let stand for 4-6 minutes.

                            Cut into wedges and eat with corn tortillas and fresh pico de gallo (ha ha Rooster beak)

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                              If any one is lucky enough to have a Trader Joes market nearby, I have a cool recipe for vegitarians.

                              T.J.s has some frozen soy nuggets...not claiming to be "chicken" (praise Klucky!) . The nuggets are very inexpensive...2.49 a pound box.

                              Here's the recipe

                              take as many nuggets as you want...cook them and make them crispy in the toaster oven.

                              Get some spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese (or provolone)

                              After the nuggets are done...put them in a oven OR micro-oven safe dish.

                              Add the sauce and Cheese! (BEHOLD! The power of cheese)

                              melt cheese....

                              So simple and so nutritious
                              Total calories for a 4 nugget single serving is about 250 calories!


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                              One of Jim Henson's professors told him, "you are brilliant but give up those silly puppets."
                              Go figure!
                              I miss Jim Henson's Creature Factory!
                              MUPPET SHOW ...when I was a kid.
                              Ah heck..I am still a kid!!

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                                Originally posted by NeferSesemet
                                Chicken Soup a la Jenn, Spaghetti and meatballs, calzone, catfish kufta, batter-fried mushrooms, quiche, better-than-sex cake (all of the variations), jams and jellies, and Wanderer's nasty cough syrup recipe for good measure.
                                Wanderer's nasty cough syrup? What's the recipe for that?