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    Well-- I'm looking at the other stikies--- There's one for desserts, and one for appetizers/dips --- could we just continue along those lines?
    Start stickies for everything? ---
    Seems like a whole lot of stickies...
    Keep desserts
    Keep appetizers
    make chicken
    make beef
    make beverages
    make sabbat recipies
    etc etc etc...

    We would need to regulate how recipies are posted. Like-- trying to avoid posts that don't have a recipie in it--- like not asking questions and such in the middle of the recipie list... do you know what I mean?--- it would keep the sticky to the point, and on topic-- would help avoid any derailments.... And people looking for a certain recipie could always post in the main section...

    I would love to start a hard-copy here at home and see how that goes.-- I can go pick up a big thick binder and page protectors this weekend if we decide to go that route---
    I'd absolutly love if we could have recipie cards mailed to me-- oooh that would be nice.... but if not, I can just pull them off here, and print them and put them in the book.

    Any other ideas?
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      OK, that's a start..... there are also recipes in the The Green Room, Paths: Kitchen, Green and Hedge Witches, Pagan Spaces ("Green" Cleaning things) and I think, Health and Beauty.
      The thing would be huge but I don't think just food would cover enough. Although, maybe we could do 1 food/sabbath foods and 1 for "The Green Witch" with the cleaning, beauty and health recipes.

      other meats
      main dishes
      side dishes
      sabbat recipes

      I don't use recipe books much so I don't know much about how they are broke down.
      The hard part is going to try to do some sort of index. I think Wolfsong did about as good as you can do on here in the Crystals and Stones forum with his sticky Quartz Formations & Properties. I know it took allot of work! (Everyone should check it out! It's amazing what he did! It's a whole book! And he wrote it just for us!!!! )
      Well, let's keep the thoughts going!
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        So what ever happened with the book? I am woah interested