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Vegetarian or Carnivorous (poll)

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  • Vegetarian or Carnivorous (poll)

    Don't know if one of these has been done, but for the record this one's been vegetarian 5 years
    Strict Vegetarian/Vegan
    Vegetarian but sometimes eat fish
    only white meat
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    Gotta love a good pizza! :hehehehe:
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      Actually, it was done not too long ago... quite a discussion going on.
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        It's ok to eat a little (and I mean little) lettuce on a cheeseburger, just as long as the burger patty is 100% beef and out weights the lettuce and other non-meat products on the burger by at least 7 times.... what would that make me??
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          I think about half of my food is meat, and the other half is everything else. Unless I'm eating Chinese food, in which case, less meat and more veggies drenched in yummy sauces.


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            I honestly think that if I were a vegitarian, I would starve. Unless it's Pea's, Carrots or starch (potatoes, yummy) then I don't want it anywhere near my meat!!!!

            Seriously, I usually stick to birds (Ckn, pheasant, duck, etc.). I have burger (usually elk or deer) on average 1 maybe 2 times a week. And maybe once every two months do I have a nice steak. Tuna once a week and some kind of pork product once a week. We eat a LOT of pasta's. No fish (eeeeewwwwww!) but I LOVE everything else that comes out of the ocean.
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              Ovo-lacto vegetarian...the whole family. ('cept for the cats..)

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                Meat eater here!! I love veggies, all types (except cauliflower--yuk), but I have eaten meat my whole life and don't plan to stop now. Lots of chicken, and lots of pork, as they are leaner. But I adore a good steak and I like it RARE. I once told someone--if it ain't mooing, I ain't chewing!

                Seafood--ewwwwww. I think that's a psych thing because we used to fish all the time when I was little and I just hate the smell. I eat fish maybe 3 times a year, oysters never as I am alllergic to them, and shrimp only fried. Actually, I really enjoy fried shrimp. And lobster, yuummm. but no grilled shrimp, boiled shrimp, etoufee, bisque, etc. Blech!

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                    The only meat I eat is chicken. The rest is gross! (at least to me)
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                      I don't eat meat a lot but when I do it's mostly fowl and seafood. Red meat is a one time in 6 months kinda thing.
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                        total and complete lacto/ovo veggie-vore (though I am a humanitarian also does that even count?)
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                          Well, the majority of my diet does not include meat but I do eat some, chicken fish or beef once a week or so. Every now and then I'll break down and have ham or bacon even though modern hog farming revolts me. Beef and poultry isn't much better and I cannot remember the last time I had any lamb.


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                            Originally posted by MerrisHawk

                            Gotta love a good pizza! :hehehehe:
                            MMmmmmmmmmmm~! Pizza sounds so good. yum yum.

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                              Well I'm omnivorous but I don't like it alive and wriggling LOL EW!

                              So I couldn't vote.
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