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Adventure in Mallorca and my love of cycling

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  • Adventure in Mallorca and my love of cycling

    As I said in my presentation it seems very prudent to talk about this issue because it is something that I have done in recent months. Basically, since I arrived in Mallorca for a sabbatical year, I have practiced cycling a lot. Which I love because I'm in Mallorca in a sabbatical year.
    Where to go to Mallorca to practice cycling? Mainly I have gone to a place called "Palma", there is the most common place to practice cycling, there are also other places like "Orient and the central region", "Cap de Formentor". Among others.

    How to do it?. In particular I use this Bike Rental to access the bicycle. It is also highly recommended to be accompanied, with a cycling team, plenty of water, and eager.