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    What video game are you currently playing?

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    Oh man
    Now that's a question!

    Here are the games I'm currently playing, and by currently playing I mean I play them 2 or more times a week at least:

    World of Warcraft - catch me on the whisperwind server, woot horde!!
    The Sims 2 - I'm an addict hehe
    Civilization 3
    Dungeon Keeper 2
    Pokemon Sapphire for GBA (when I'm at work hehe)
    GTA: San Andreas
    Theif 3: Deadly Shadows

    I think that's about it...I'll always toss in a few other games here and there but those have been my lately consistent ones
    I am such a geek hehe


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      just Sims 2, i'm not much of a game person, but man is that game addicting!


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        Age of Mythology. Me wubs myth units. It's legitimate cheating. :D It's kinda obsessive. I still play the Age of Empires games too. They're like the only games I play. I like them. I don't play a lot of games, but those ones I love.



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          I just started a fresh party in Final Fantasy I. Check it out:

          Black Belt
          Black Belt
          White Mage
          Black Mage

          The hand-to-hand combat kinda stinks right now as they're all at level 3, but once the Black Belts are good enough to fight bare-handed and the Mages get a good amount of magic spells, it's gonna ROCK. I'm just trying to wean myself of fighters, y'know?
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            Final Fantasy X for me. I decieded just to play one game at a time or I would never get any of them finished.

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              I'm playing something really obscure, which keeps crashing all the time. For some reason I need to keep doing it, although it annoys me without end.

              Where do I have that title?

              Oh right:

              "Microsoft Windows". Does anyone know that?
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                Age of Empires and Rise of Nations!
                I forgot to list those...and Battlefield for Middle Earth on occasion...oh oh and...I think I better stop now hehe


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                  GUILD WARS
                  Can barely seem to drag myself off it long enough to post
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                    Since my kids went a ruined my FF 10 game I am now playing Wolverines Revenge.
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                      haha,astralmoth's right,it's a bloody excellent game.
                      I'm currently plaing Final Fantasy Tactics on GBA
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                        Hitman 2
                        Half Life 2 (for about the 10th time, awesome game)
                        World of Warcraft (again)

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                          I'm also playing Advance Wars on GBA. I forgot about that.

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                            I am a WoW freak! (Any thunderhorners here?)

                            Though when nobody in the guild is on I'm usually playing either DDR or Taiko Drum Master on PS2.


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                              Everquest 2
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