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  • Left 4 Dead

    Anyone else play this game?
    I just recently played a bit of it- my uncle brought it over for a little while.
    I played through Scenario 1- "No Mercy".

    I think it is just the most amazing and original zombie/survival game. It's a lot of fun; that's to be expected from Valve, though, with games like Half Life 2 (greatest FPS of all time) and Portal (greatest single-player experience ever) under their belt.

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    i have been seeing good reviews about this game for a while now and also the commerical is very very visual i wish i had a system so i could get it.I heard it was even better than the evil series
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      I won't be getting it, I've seen previews and I disliked the feel for it. Its getting mixed reviews currently so I'm not sure if it will be a hit or not.
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        I think it's amazingly fun. I love that you can multiplayer in Xbox, too. My SO and I have had a blast with it already.

        And I have it for computer. :P I like Counter Strike, so I knew I'd like Left 4 Dead since it's built upon the Source engine. And zombies in games are usually pretty fun.


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          left 4 dead!!!

          though i have played this game for only a couple of times i think it's really an awesome concept of having four players instead of a single player. though it's pretty much the same as half-life, quake, unreal and other 1st person shooter type of games i think the zombie concept is really original. it's like you're watching dawn of the dead except you control the characters. it's really cool for a 1st person shooter. but the game plays kinda boring after playing for a long period of time. you get excited when playing it but there's no objective or mission whatsoever. all you do is run around the city and shoot some nasty zombies and if an ally of yours gets caught you have to save him. well overall i think its great but with a few drawbacks like how long can you keep playing it. what the heck though, it's the 1st of its kind. so you guys should try it. and make sure you ain't alone in your room when you play it cause sometimes the zombies in the game tend to pop out of nowhere. i almost fell out of my chair once.
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            I love this game! Sometimes I just want to play a game where I just run around and shoot zombies, and this is perfect. Single-player gets kind of boring sometimes, but then I just go online and do some Versus or something, because it's more fun to play with other people.
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              I love a good zombie game. My husband and I played this as two player. It was really cool in the beginning, with the ambience and the all the zombies. But after awhile, it got sort of boring and monotonous. We ended up scrapping it before we even finished.